Why Are We Protecting Illegal Immigrants In This Country?


I see you enjoy using those two words :rofl: But I think you just make 1 :crazy_face: Why compare the two? Ain’t we talking about chattel? What are the rights you expect to have if something or somebody is your property? I met many naturalized mainland Chinese, so I am not sure what you are talking about? Quoting something happened decades ago?


Not sure what you’re trying to say, but you seem to be displeased that someone is pointing out that China restricts civil liberties much moreso than the USA.


I only make 1 point. Allow me to rephrase,
You is your own property, yet you need to pay income tax when you employ the body to make some money. It amounts to government owning your body.

You say China treats its citizens as its chattel which is no different from any government that collect income tax.


Ah, okay, good point, thanks for restating. On the other hand, if you, as a taxpayer of the US, do not like paying taxes to the US government, you are free leave the US, never to return. Other countries like China are not so accommodating of free will.


Generalizing again? As calling the majority of Americans dumb for wanting their tax returns? Some of them your pals in crime. :smile::smile::smile:

Per the brain of the racist chief, and his henchmen on this forum, you and the other girl in question, all countries then qualify for being a shithole. Except the countries where Twhitler’s wives came from, right? I wonder, why if their countries are doing so great they come to America? That is the point! For that dumb president, anybody coming to pick up a check is coming from a shithole of a country. Jesus!

One child policy for the Chinese, Cubans under the Cuban adjustment act. Refugee status for Vietnamese, Haiti, Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, etc, etc. What a shithole of a countries, right Marcus.

Yeah, nice calling them shitholes. They are not Norway.


That is not precisely true :grinning: All capital gains taxed are brought forward i.e. as if you have sold. Btw, that includes any accumulated income saved and property that you acquired prior to being a green card/ citizen. For example if you owned $1B property in HK and then become a green card/ citizen, later decided to migrate to Canada, you have to pay capital gain tax on that property :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: So if you are a filthy rich alien, please think many many times before taking up green card/ citizen.


Ok but no one is holding a virtual gun to your head through forced tax payments, physically preventing you from leaving. You just don’t want to pay the tax. :slight_smile:


Now you’re talking out your ass with wild speculation and extrapolation. I think you’re only point of conversation is to be rude to people. That’s what little men do. They go online to be rude, because they don’t dare be rude in person.


In being a lawyer, English is not your main problem trust me, finance from your posts on this forum is not also your cup of tea. As far as the rest of your posts on this forum they sound passionate I’ll give you that , otherwise I would characterize your posts exactly how you have named others peoples posts as i.e. “Pos”



Why are you complaining?
Do you want me to call you an SOB as your leader? In front of the cameras so our kids learn so wonderful words? :laughing::laughing::laughing:


Well, I have no way to fix the stupidity. I know how to save people money when they are selling their homes without using 1031.
Recovering $ if any commercial property is paying more than $50K.
Put 10% of the gross income of a single or dual partnership enterprise, up to $2.3 M x 2 = $4.6M so they can deduct them from taxes. A year later we teach them to put them back in circulation.
Savings of up to 40% in workers comp.
Reduction of credit card fees.
Engineered approach to cost segregation. Not your regular CS.
The list goes on, and on, and on.
Unfortunately, nobody here qualifies for that, or they pretend they do but only to insult the messenger with calling me a fraudster. Shame on me for trying! :laughing:

On the other hand, well, I decided to delete words that hurt cry baby feelings.


What a POS! :triumph::face_vomiting::face_vomiting:


Mexico is closing it’s border with Guatamala. Amazing the difference in Google vs. Bing search results. Also, liberal media is awfully quiet on reporting it. The brainwashing continues.


I remember during the past campaign, so many idiots believing there’s a wall between Guatemala and Mexico. The imbeciles!


“will effectively close off illegal entry”

Obrador to his supporters: Who is going to pay for the wall? Guatemala!



I would put the idiots in the ICE department…on ice.:laughing:


I am on my way to the training at my office. I will comment on this topic later :laughing:


They get protected so then they can go kill people.


Gangs are all over.

The Asian Boyz.

FOBs: Starting to rob their own people, Cambodians, Vietnamese, etc.

All these American, Hispanic, European, Asians gangs are a bi-product of Reagan flooding the streets of Los Angeles with crack. While dealing arms with Iran and the Contras using the profits of the cocaine sold on our streets, ain’t that wonderful? :laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing:

As a result, we have American criminals walking on our streets, such as Oliver North, Gordon Liddy (shoot cops to the head) etc. May I remind my supporters reading me that they are republicans?
One of them is currently managing the NRA.

I thought you had to keep guns out of the criminal’s hands? :laughing::laughing::laughing:


Great, more food for The Donald…