Why Is Gas In The Bay Area So High?

Yes, because of the add-ons in taxes and changes to different seasonal formulas, but still…

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Blame Jerry Brown. $1/Gal less in Carson City

Besides I own oil stocks. Thank you all for paying my dividends… lol


Highest gas tax -> gas prices -in the nation … yeppp higher than Hawaii —- California!!

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It’s a sign of wealth.


Gas is $2.99 in Carson City, NV

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Another reason to come join you…

I see $3.47. It seems too cheap to me.
Oh well.

I think that is about the cheapest I’ve seen it in the Fab 7x7 too…

Gas prices vary a LOT here. I see $3.10 to $3.70 within a pretty small radius.

Gas prices are getting higher folks. Buy more Teslas. :wink:

I am not seeing this being passed through to us at the pump…

$2.89 in Carson Costco.
idiots voted against Prop 6

Come on, when will we see sub $3 gas like the rest of my cruise mates from back East???

It’s sub $3 here unless you need premium.

I paid $2.41 yesterday at Safeway.

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Does this $46/barrel pricing of oil put west Texas into a recession?

I doubt it.

I have a buddy in west Texas - Lubbock specifically. He told me that when oil gets around the $40 range per barrel, two things happen:

  1. The smaller drilling companies start laying off their crews. The big ones just slow down.
  2. The support industry for the drilling companies start to see revenue take a nose dive, as they sell less equipment.

God, I went to Costco today to stock up our frig and got gas. $3.19? Geez, you would have thought I won the lottery…