Will Facebook Rock Our World Today?


Yes, Sir!!! I am already planning on my man cave garage…



Can’t wait for losing politicians to start blaming Facebook! Politics is a dirty game and Facebook is on the wrong side of it across the world ! I see more downside from here


Muller knows what’s going on. Plenty of cloth to make a suit there.


I am sorry that you’ve to suffer the decline of FB for so many days.
That doesn’t mean I make a mistake nor am I apologize for my mistake.


Throw the baby together with the water? iPhone is not made by FB for crying out loud.


How come nobody used the “gate” word for Facebook? Apple has so many dumbass gates over the years: antenna, Foxconn suicides, batteries, on and on.

Facebook is a “social” network. It magnifies human behavior. What took place off line now happens faster and reaches farther away. That holds for good behavior. But it also holds for bad behavior.

If people use phones and text messages to spread fake news and persuade people to vote for trump, should we ban phones?


I bought FB at $38. I’m laughing all the way to the bank even if it has to drop below $100. Drop like a rock and I can care less :slight_smile:


My computation indicates that the worth of each counter, except AAPL, that you’ve invested, none has passed $1 million :slight_smile: Only a few passed $500k :smiley:


So far, I made biggest gain from TSLA around 78k appreciation. It is mainly identify right company, buy and hold. I held BA real estate, reaped the benefits.

Still it is great, getting 500k level !


So what do you think my net worth is?


sigh… the man never learns.


But where was that Chick-fil-A meal I was promised, Mr. Tomatoe head? And please invite @hanera also while we are at it, he loves getting free ride meals :slight_smile:


as i mentioned, no free ride meals from me for sure :slight_smile:, except for you since you bought me once and that you are a nice guy.


Ok in that case I might have to buy for @hanera again, as a symbol of paying respect to elders. You pay for me and I pay for him, no harm no foul :smile:


you are making me pay for @hanera… it’s basic computer science, got it!


If you don’t like paying for @hanera ask him to pay for me. Problem solved.


and you pay for my food, then we are even.


I only pay for women. Sorry.


Zuck’s CNN interview.


Really? So you’ve never had to pay anything for your dad. Lucky you. :slight_smile: