Will Facebook Rock Our World Today?


Mark, Mark, Mark,

Just say Sorry, a million times!!! By not saying it ONCE, your Fab followers are going to turn you off. Sounds like FB is heading down once again…


Why should he apologize? He didn’t do anything wrong.


Boy, you are dense, aren’t you? Just say sorry for the show… get it???


No, why should a billionaire CEO lose dignity like that? And apologize to whom? The FB users? He doesn’t owe me an apology, I don’t think.




I am pretty sick of all the self righteous people calling for mark’s head. They don’t like trump. I get it. I don’t like trump either. But they are blaming Facebook for trump without looking in the mirror.

That’s especially true for people in mass media. Who reported all of trump’s antics 24/7? Who made huge deals of clinton’s nothing burger emails?

Elites just assume trump voters are all helpless idiots. They are like children who can’t tell true from false and easily persuaded by ads and fake news. Sure. There are some of that. But enough to bring trump to power? I don’t think so.


Fine… watch your precious stock flounder… the consumer and users are KING! My, how we forget…


Stop preaching to me about FB stock prices. I know better.


You may be surprised of finding out how many Americans praise the liar in chief and say he goes to church every weekend. That is so stupid you can’t do nothing but cry of so much ignorance.

There’s an investigation right now on how Bannon and others used analytics to pray on dumbfounded Americans, most on the neck of the woods not knowing shit. They were easy to impress by the thousands of Russian bots talking crap about Hillary.


So tell me, Fearless Leader, if you were at the helm would you have waited what appears to be days to say something about this mess (it is your company after all) AND would you have been dumb enough to not sprinkle in a sorry here and there just for show? The public is chomping at the bit for your head and just looking for a piece, when you could have diffused a lot of it (or not) by being contrite and apologetic and saying it with feeling and meaning (I am sorry, people!).


You can’t say sorry without admitting wrongdoing. And FB didn’t do anything wrong. So far Zuck only posted on Facebook. It’s essentially a written statement. It’s better not to say sorry in written form.

It’s actually only been couple days since this saga began. How many days did Steve Jobs take to respond to antenna-gate, another nothing-burger? Mark and Sherryl’s EQ is way higher than mine. I don’t know if it’s better to just say something, anything, when the story broke. It takes time to gather facts and come up with a solution. Zuck’s FB post has a detailed 3-point plan to address the “problem”.

He will address the nation on CNN tonight, like a president. :smile:


He is not the best of public speakers(especially when addressing non techies i.e. general public), so hope he practices well.


Sherryl is president material. Hope she runs one day.

Also, I was kidding about the address. It’s actually an interview. Mark knows his own limitation.


Jobs also didn’t apologize for antenna gate. Instead he said you were holding it wrong. :smile:




Atta boy, Mark! So that wasn’t so hard was it? Soooo glad that I am one of the 20 people in the world who never, ever signed up for FB…


Saying sorry is best done in speech. Zuck is smart.

Now can FB just go to $250 tomorrow?


Ok since he said sorry, Facebook better skyrocket tomorrow (not).


It will be interesting to see how the market reacts tomorrow or near term with that group calling for people to delete FB.


Delete facebook. Delete gmail. Throw away your iPhone. Go back living in a cave. :smile: