Will Facebook Rock Our World Today?


People should delete their facebook accounts and move over to Instagram and WhatsApp. I heard their management is much better.


Loved what CEO of techonomy said recently : FB got drunk on their growth and didn’t care at all about the privacy/data security of the very users its making money off of.


Don’t think Mark is at the level of even Tim Cook. Tim Cook said is not about the bloody ROI :rofl:

At a shareholders meeting on Friday, CEO Tim Cook angrily defended Apple’s environmentally-friendly practices against a request from the conservative National Center for Public Policy Research (NCPPR) to drop those practices if they ever became unprofitable.

“When we work on making our devices accessible by the blind,” he said, “I don’t consider the bloody ROI.” He said that the same thing about environmental issues, worker safety, and other areas where Apple is a leader.


You miss the point. People is angry that they didn’t get a share of the revenue by those Cambridge guys.


Amid all the “data breach” drama FB is down only 9% YTD. You’d have thought it’s down 30% or something for all the “sky is falling” talk.

Fang, ant, bat

Come on, you’re a landlord, it always starts as only a drip…



Never, ever, piss off your customer/user…


Did your wife delete her Facebook account?


No way, the girl is sooooo into Facebook Mark Z has to commit genocide before she deletes it. This is her primary way to communicate with family and friends back at home (via pictures of food, etc) and her gang of exercise buddies here. In fact, I might tell her to go and buy some shares since she has a few grand cash sitting in a Schwab account…


Who is buying?


Looks like I’m buying more on April, 20th.


Did you buy calls today?


Multiply that by more than a billion and you see Mark & gang has nothing to worry.


Fair enough, perhaps just a bump in the road, OR unless someone comes up with something new and better to use…




My friend who’s Facebook security posted a link to this article.



Ok, says Ms. Presidio Terrace Owners Buddy…


Yup, that’s the government. It’s 4 years after it happened and 3 years after the company changed its policies. Now they want to do something, so they can claim to voters they fixed it. Most people will be naive enough to think whatever pathetic government response there is protected them.

The whole thing is utter rubbish anyway. For decades, demographic information has been available for readers, listeners, and watchers of media. Advertisers pick where to advertise based on what demographic they want. Since when have all political ads been honest and truthful? They’ve always featured half-truths, misleading info, or outright lies. Now that it’s happening on the internet, it’s suddenly a big deal?