Will Facebook Rock Our World Today?


Feinstein seems to be friendly and soft on FB. Guess FB will be fine and no regulations. Maybe time to buy FB, but the whole market problem can still pressure it.

Feinstein is now definitely a moderate democrat. Is she trying to help save Califnornia’s influence in congress? If Pelosi is ousted, we’ll have Feinstein speak for California. I think Feinstien should continue to serve as the senator. The younger politicians from California are too much for national influence.



Given how much people openly share on faceook, I think most users want very little privacy.


:slight_smile: I hope so as a shareholder.

Personally, I try to be careful about privacy.


Zuck has a fan in the Senate.


Facebook’s Zuckerberg Earns Likes for Washington Performance - Bloomberg


This is true, but privacy is important. They dont get it. They will, but it might be too late.


“He’s passed with flying colors this initial test,” said Daniel Ives, an analyst at GBH Insights. “The fear was he was going to come out as too conciliatory, back against the wall and waving a white flag. Instead, he defended the business model and took ownership of the problem. Thus far, a lot of investors can sleep better tonight than last night.”

That’s it? To play dumb and say some fake sorry? Wow that was easy.


Nothing dumber than a bunch of senators.
Except the house tomorrow. All just crowing to their voters. They kept cutting Zuck off. They weren’t interested in what he had to say. They just want airtime for the midterm elections.


Hearing are mainly for theater and pandering to the respective vote bases. Seldom do people dive into sufficient detail. If they cared, they would have done it with a smaller audience that where the questioners were prepped and the answerers were prepped as well and more time spent. Hey. Sounds like due dilligence on a company being considered for acquisition.


I never think the US will do anything to “punish” Facebook. Maybe the EU will, but mainly because of jealousy.

Wall Street plunged the world to the brink of depression and yet 10 years later the government is busy unshackling them. Compared to what they did Facebook is like an angel.


Of course…who wants to be the one who has to answer to their family members, relatives, friends as to why did you punish the guy behind Facebook, their favorite internet space? Sheet, my wife would probably kick me to the curb if I were there screaming at Mr. Z…


The senate blames Zuck for Trump winning. Sore grapes. Get over it, even if Hillary won’t admit it was her fault.


Yah, rather then running up the score on the popular vote she needed to have spent more time on protecting the rust belt.


Facebook reached out to both campaigns to see if they need help with the platform. Trump campaign accepted the help but Hillary campaign refused. Hillary people probably thought they are tech savvy and don’t need any handholding. Big mistake.


It’s unfortunate that Hillary lost the same way twice. She lost in the 2008 Democratic primaries to Obama as his campaign was more data driven and paid attention to electoral rules so they ran up delegate votes on the margins and won the primary, Trump did it against her in the general using the same general strategy - ignore the big vote win and let’s just run up what matters - electoral votes.


Oooh, did I hear someone wanting me to revive my “Can We Eliminate The Electoral College Now?” thread???




I saw that. That was really dumb. Radio and TV have been free over the air for decades. It’s literally the same business model.



Sen. Deb Fischer, from Nebraska, started off her questioning with the question: “How many data categories do you store, does Facebook store, on the categories that you collect?” She later followed that up with: “How much [do you store]? All of it? Everything we click on? Is that in storage somewhere?”

Zuckerberg looked pained to understand the question, but eventually recited a fairly basic explanation of, well, how Facebook works, saying: “We store data about what people share on the service, and information that’s required to do ranking better, to show you what you care about in news feed.”