Will Facebook Rock Our World Today?


Facebook has nothing to worry about regulations. The regulators have no clue. :smile:


Yeah, and some people think congress should make more decisions about our lives and have greater control. I wonder how bad your own decision making has to be to watch those people and think, “It’ll make my life better if those people make more decisions for me.” Yup, just keep sitting there and waiting for those people in congress to solve your problems and make your life better.


Careful here. Dumb questions could be building up to something serious. One of Sun Tzu’s art of war,

Pretend to be weak, that he may grow arrogant.

Attack him where he is unprepared, appear where you are not expected



Is democracy a joke? How do we end up with morons like this one?



Do you think is right for FB to keep your personal profile & likes forever and sell them to whoever want them?
Seeing ads is one thing, keeping your records forever is another. Now I have to stop using Like or making comments on FB.


They are not selling your data. Check again.


I don’t think FB sell those data nor make any money from it. Sure it helps the ecosystem with having connected Apps, but their best interest is to keep your data ONLY in their platform. With the recent changes, they are trying to do, they are correcting that in light speed which is really admirable to move that fast for company that size. The more popular they are, the easier target.


Like all congressional hearings the show is theater. These pols just want to pontificate. He wouldn’t even let Zucker speak. Mark should have told him to Zuck off… The Zuckman has 2b constituents. That senator has just a few million.


@myo what do you think removing 3rd party data source will do? Will it make Facebook ad targeting less effective? How much help does 3rd party data source give to Facebook?


Sullivan is from Alaska. The whole state has only 750k people. Fewer than San Jose. What a joker.


Relevance is one of the big thing with FB Ads. They might come up with more clever way to maintain the relevancy without those data source. FB has army of engineers who are really smart and good at what they do. Growing 6K employees -> 25K in 2 years and they are still in hyper growth mode today.


Right. I don’t know how but I just have confidence they will figure out a way. I heard some advertisers are seeing some rockiness in their ad targeting. That shows the engineering team is frantically trying out things.


Result, my friend, 25k engineers after so many years, still didn’t solve the problem?


It wasn’t a problem until last month.

How come Apple still hasn’t been able to fix Siri?

#SiriSucks :smiling_imp:


Read history… he has ignored it for years… blow up recently… gone public recently…


“The biggest difference between Apple and Facebook… Apple is, first and foremost, a hardware business. They make their money selling you these gadgets that I’m talking on and typing on. Facebook, on the other hand, is a data company; an advertising company… advertising is a business model that’s built on something that people hate. Nobody wants to be advertised to. It’s a form of propaganda; it’s just corporate propaganda, right? ‘Buy this product.’ It’s trying to make you aware of those products, yes, and that’s great I guess. But the vast majority of us don’t want advertising in our lives. So, investing in companies like Facebook that are building their businesses around something that nobody wants is sort of a counter-intuitive thought. And, it’s probably something that we need to address at some point. The comeuppance might be coming for these companies who are built around siloing information.”

That’s exactly what’s happening to Facebook here and to a lesser extent, Google, right now, isn’t it?


Ads done badly nobody want. I never click on any google ads.

Ads done right is relevant information.

Computers should not ask what they can figure out themselves. I want Facebook to predict what I like and present that information to me, instead of me hunting around.

Selling information is a 21st century business. Selling computing hardware is a 20th century business.



Zuckerberg apologizes for his tone-deaf VR cartoon tour of Puerto Rico devastation



Mark Zuckerberg, "In the last year, we’ve done a lot of research into what drives well-being for people. And what uses of social networks are correlated with happiness and long-term measures of health and all the measures of well-being that you’d expect, and what areas are not as positive.”

A 30s year old billionaire has figured out what drives people to be happy or healthy?