Will Facebook Rock Our World Today?


To compare using the “1% of GDP” metric, you don’t add the market cap of ad companies. You add their revenue.

Also all the tech companies like Google and Facebook are global in nature. To compare their revenue with ad spend worldwide per year shows a long runway ahead.


Ain’t most of their ad revenue is from USA? Didn’t check, more than 50% right? Then just work on US only and see whether it is saturating.


If you believe Mark would eventually figure out how to monetize Instagram and WhatsApp, FB is a good long term buy. He manages to do so for Facebook, can he figure the same for those two?


Not sure about the percentage. I am sure US overweighs its revenue. But that to me is an opportunity to wring more dollars out of their international users.


US 47%, UK 10%, rest of world is 43%

Page 35 of https://www.sec.gov/Archives/edgar/data/1652044/000165204416000038/goog10-qq32016.htm#s75CF948E6FC2DBEF60A557CCE6C6FA8E


If the runway was so long, then Facebook wouldn’t be talking about meaningful deceleration in ad revenue growth. Their evenue was $7B so $28B/yr annualized. If the market is $1.1T, then they are slowing down with 2.5% market share.

Revenue is one way to look at it, since price to sales ratio is one way to value companies. The S&P 500 a average is 1.43.


Reeelaaaax…big picture folks, big picture…


The FANG are out, the old (MSFT) is in. Invest wisely.


How about FAAM
Facebook, Amazon, Alphabet, and Microsoft


I like FAAT: Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Tencent.



Shouldn’t that be Teletubbies???:slight_smile:


MAN is in, Microsoft, Alibaba, and Netflix.


Please note I may be right or wrong and that is my risk. Member need not trust this. They need to research and invest on their own risk.

For me, this is the year of highest ROI, so far. Let me try my luck with political uncertainity.

Everything now boils down to political uncertainity, stocks are going down as polls are showing Trump gaining ground ! This is stock market wall street volatility, like brexit.

I always go against the tide, Today, I sold my UBNT with 10% jump profit at $57.40 and bought Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Google.

I have reserved some amount (5%) for my amazon purchase as I expect more volatility on Monday.

This is the season any good company, like AAPL, GOOGL, AMZN, NVDA, FB, LMT…etc, we can buy considering the coming sales season.

Here is my update at reddit

For investment purpose (Not political purpose) analysis.

What is the probability of Trump winning? Chances are very less.

First: Last minute polls are skewed as Media/TV/News wants to create sensational stories to inflate hypes so that Media rating is increased. They will not really reflect actual results as exactly same happened in 2008 and 2012.

Second: Rep.Side, lot of incoherent networks, mostly party members are divided pulling down one another. Unity is broken.

Dem.Side. Complete unity, networking even the current sitting president, VP and all other party people (like Sanders) relentlessly helping Hillary.

Added to it, Trump alienated Colored, Mexicans, Muslims and Immigrants. This is a gift Trump gives to Dem.party and Hillary.

Trump chances are winning is very low. Clinton chances are high.

Clinton presidency will be better than Obama. Look out Bill Clinton period, he went through impeachment time, but economy, job market was in full swing booming. If Hillary wins, she may likely influence - I guess - to stop rate hike in Dec 2016 until she gets full depth of issues.

Considering this situation and high volatility in stock market, this is like another brexit. With this analysis/idea, I started buying multiple stocks with whatever money I have on hand.

I find this great opportunity for long holder/investor to buy at low, especially with coming Thanksgiving/sale season.


Sweetie, @Jil, says BUY!!!


Sell RE or HELOC or cash refinancing to raise money?


Unfortunately (or fortunately), we do have some liquid cash sitting on the sidelines since our fearless leader @manch said he foresees massive buy opportunities in brick and mortar real estate in 2017. I don’t know what to do with the money. Stocks or more real estate???


No point in being a hero and buying stocks before the election. If stocks go up on the result, they will keep going up for months afterwards. You might miss the first few percent, but you can catch the vast majority of the move. The downside could be 5-10% immediately and keep going down. I’m 45% cash and have been for about 2 weeks now.


The stock concept is Buy Low and sell high. If we loose confidence when market is sagging (based on elections volatility or brexit volatility ) when can we buy stocks?

Many people were scared during 2008-11 telling Hidden inventory or hidden foreclosure.Remember 2008-2011, whoever bought during that time, they are doing well now.

Yes, if goes up I will offload them. I was holding UBNT for almost 3 months with 5% profit level. Today, it jumped another 10%. With over all 15% jump, I just sold and took profit. Any stock above 10% growth, I am fine to sell.

I believe in my analysis and confidence in my decision. I do not trust analysts, neither the news/media. It is just 4 days. I also set aside some cash reserve for Monday purchases !

Since my move is speculative, it is a risk on any financing money. BIG NO.

Selling RE in BA is not right.


Thank you for the advice. Essentially, no action for me :grinning:. No cash on hand.