Will Facebook Rock Our World Today?


Short term thinkers. Gamblers not investors.

And we wonder why get rich quick schemes pop up all over the place. :confused:


There is more to it than that. Like RE, stocks are purchased for yield with no intent to sell. This becomes more prudent as one nears retirement. Like the theme from “The Good Earth”.


Yes, I realized it very late, after 50s, and after reading many investment books. Initially, I was speculative, and even now sometimes, with quick profits. Later on, I started real investing, choose specific stocks after analyzing it.

I am still not out of speculation like this elections volatility as I clearly see what will happen on Nov 8th. If I am not buying when stocks are low (Like 2008-2011), when can I buy for higher profit?

On any case, my picks are tech stocks like AMZN, GOOGL, FB, AAPL,NVDA, CSCO, PYPL & WVVI,

stocks are purchased for yield with no intent to sell.

I wanted to get into such, still working out for a plan. Yields are high with REIT, but current year, REITs are coming down generally next to Energy (oil) and then Healthcare pharma industry. VNQ is almost 16% down this year.


This is it, whoever did not buy stocks Friday missed the boat again. The stocks futures 221 upwards tomorrow as soon as FBI Reviews released. What a volatile market.

Any way, I am planned to buy some AMZN shares and will continue to buy if it is less than 760 !


This opinion piece crossed the wire this morning (as Amazon is making a move up…)


Facebook stock is good, but Amazon at $755 is a great deal.

Amazon has dropped very low at 755 and the current season is holiday season with many lightning deals. The stock is sure to go up.



Hmmm, looks to me, as of now, you are right. I purchased both amzn and fb on the same day last dec end, now FB is 7.67% up while amzn is 5.63% up !



OMG, why am I not taking my own advice???:grin:


After hour reaction is pretty muted. People don’t seem to be that excited…


Would you be excited if you heard The Donald use the words “go nuclear”???:slight_smile:


Kind of copy from Steve Jobs… go thermo-nuclear on Google.


FB tanked. Down 1.9% as I type. :sob: The 2nd time it has done this after earning.


Since I don’t follow it much, why? Weren’t the numbers stellar enough? Unreasonable shareholders…


Revenue growth rate will come down. That’s expected. But expenses are ramping up very fast. Zuck is spending $$$ hiring and building data centers. Arms race.


God…i should tell my wifey to buy some… she is on there 24/7


Sold my AAPL(10%) & FB(90%) both before earnings.

Hindsight says should have waited. However, netted enough to afford a new entry level Honda Civic.


When you’re up big, risk management is key. Sometimes I sell the stock and hold options for earnings. That way my downside is limited. It works well when volatility is low. It’s cheap to do a call spread.


Good point. I need to read up on more options so that I understand it well before I use it as a tool for financial risk management.