Will Facebook Rock Our World Today?


When you say they you mean Facebook or Newark authorities?


FB is just making this campus so if and when the rail corridor is revived they can have a stop across this campus.


I’m assuming this study should be released this year sometime .



I don’t get this. You only see stuff from people you know, so why do people need safe spaces on facebook? If you’re going to make your wall public for the whole world to see, then don’t come back crying if you see comments you don’t want to see. 288,000 posts when there’s over 2,000,000,000 users a month isn’t a meaningful problem.


News/journalism, the bar is pretty damn low.



Who in the world in China would want to use what’s app anyways??? Do you even have a what’s app account? I don’t… :rofl:


Which again begs the question, “How is China gonna be so great of a place in the future if they continue to do this sheet?”


Because Chinese people don’t need democracy to be happy. They just need lots of money and sex. Maybe not even sex. Just $ :money_mouth_face: $ :rofl:


Chinese don’t need happiness, they need 尊严


I don’t need pride. Give me a million dollars you can spit on me… I won’t accept anything less than that though… :rofl:


I can do 900K. A 10% discount. Spit on me all you want.


Doesn’t matter. People use VPN to log onto Facebook in mainland China anyway. They can do the same on Whatsapp if they so choose (but they use WeChat). Whatsapp is popular in Hong Kong, South America, and parts of Europe only.


Now, this, is what I am talking about!!! One must be so keyed in on every, single variable and then some…




Stock actually went down after market. What’s going on? It is preventing FB from becoming my largest holding!


Too much too soon. Patience required.

So what is your largest holding?


QQQ is my largest holding right now.