Will Facebook Rock Our World Today?


Management investing big bucks into the company is bullish for long term stockholders like me.


Isnt this an additional compliance/regulatory cost that affects bottom line. Cant see how it impacts topline


They said they will double the security and something else team. It’s 10K people today and will be 20K by end of next year. That’s not really a positive. They are going to spend a ton more than today without adding a new functionality. They are adding tons of content moderators.


Content moderators??? you’d think those jobs all got replaced by robots by now… :rofl:


There are too many mistakes. The AI isn’t smart enough to realize some people can use certain words while the same word is racists if someone else uses it. That’s led to complaints of FB being racist, since it isn’t allowing some people to use certain worlds. Obviously banning everyone from using it isn’t fair.


It’s positive because it’s making the platform better. Contrast that with twitter which is turning into a cesspool of Russian bots. Zuckerberg is very smart to frontrun the regulators.

In 5 years I think the top 4 most valuable companies will be Amazon, Facebook, Alibaba and Tencent.


(Gasp, no mention of the Iphone pusher…) What the heck are we going to do with a space building???


If history is any guidance this kind of prediction usually fails to materialize. It’s like speculating in 1999 that Microsoft was going to be the most valuable company in 5 years…


That’s not the scary prediction. Then the world is afraid that Microsoft would rule the world because everybody uses Windows. Now the world is afraid of Amazon would eventually controlling every aspects of commerce. Soon, they would be afraid of NVDA as everybody uses NVDA GPU for ML :slight_smile:


AI is the future… I don’t use FB or even follow it much but maybe Facebook is headed in this direction with their investment in security. Their value could go so much further than advertising If they are able to build an intelligent system to analyze the massive amount of data found in the network of relationships that make up the global social media platform. It could be like Google but require more subtle learning of human interactions and influences. . Imagine the doors which could be opened with this kind of technology, in helping to solve some of the world’s big problems.


Facebook is like the National Enquirer…It is all fake…Anybody taking it seriously is a fool…


Are you and I the only last non believers (non account holders)?


I have an account…I like the photo sharing part…It is all about making your friends jealous while you are on vacation. …lol…Otherwise it is a cross between Jerry Springer and the National Enquirer


Come on, @Elt1!!! I thought we were going to continue to use only typewriters and snail mail to the very end…


I cant type


I like that idea!!! Will put all those techie geeks in place… trying to act all high and mighty with their new found wealth. Give me a break… they’re really just some ugly looking nerds… :rofl:



Was this posted elsewhere, Zuck’s post?



In theory, supply/demand would suggest they can charge more for ads if ad spots are rarer. Will the higher cost per add offset fewer ads? That’s the magic question. I think longer-term they need to diversify away from dependency on ad revenue. They are working on it.

Zuckerberg is a rare genius, and Sandberg is the perfect pairing for him. I see them as Jobs and Cook. Jobs also ran things long-term for the customer. There are periods where that’s unpopular with Wall Street who wants to see a relentless pursuit of profits. A lot of companies give lip service to being customer focused but few live it. Companies that live it will do exceptionally well long-term.


I don’t understand why Zuck’s change will decrease Facebook earning. To me it seems it will do the opposite. If other sites can’t reach their audience for free they will have to pay. Zuck only said he will reduce those freebie content, didn’t mention ads at all.

I agree Zuck is a rare business genius. He’s right there with Bezos in his thought clarity. Contrast him with the google founders it’s day and night.