Will Seattle really become the next San Francisco?


You can do that at my Walnut Creek rental. Help me cut those weeds too while you’re at it. :smile:


How do you handle the weeds now? I spent $500 on the weeds for an overgrown average sized yard, been thinking what’s the best strategy. The tenants only have cat and dog, no grass eating pets. Is there grass eating robots?


You mean you want to look for a way to handle the weeds for free?


Not free. Just one time investment and be done with it. Cement is expensive


Hike = 10 min walk?


Maybe get a robotic lawnmover. Wouldnt solve all problems, but would help.


@marcus335 or this: :slight_smile:


Yeah that is the joke.


It’s either cement or the gardener. Or just let it be until the city writes you the letter. :smile:


Is there any robotic lawn mower? I don’t have a lawn, just weeds on dirt


Yeah there are some brands with robotic lawn mowers. Not sure how good they are but probably convenient for the lazy.


If amazon leaves, the homeless can live in abandoned buildings. HQ2 plans may get a little bigger and more aggressive.

Amazon response

“We are disappointed by today’s City Council decision to introduce a tax on jobs. While we have resumed construction planning for Block 18, we remain very apprehensive about the future created by the council’s hostile approach and rhetoric toward larger businesses, which forces us to question our growth here. City of Seattle revenues have grown dramatically from $2.8B in 2010 to $4.2B in 2017, and they will be even higher in 2018. This revenue increase far outpaces the Seattle population increase over the same time period. The city does not have a revenue problem – it has a spending efficiency problem. We are highly uncertain whether the city council’s anti-business positions or its spending inefficiency will change for the better.”


Move down to San Jose. :smile:


It just struck me it’s kind of a stealth income tax.


The employer pays it not the employee. Detroit went down this road decades ago. Businesses moved to the suburbs, and the decline of Detroit started.


All things being equal it will come out of emplyees’ pocket one way or another.


That’s very true. The Seattle minimum wage increase resulted in hours being cut, so worker take home pay was actually lower.


Can get in Monta Vista of Cupertino.

13360 Montebello Rd



A stunning 26% of all apartments in downtown Seattle are now sitting empty.
The city’s record apartment construction boom has led rents to flatline and landlords to offer freebies in mass, giving away free rent, electronics and gift cards to lure tenants