Worldwide Baby Bust

Pets > children. Sign of economic progress? Or children are too expensive and annoying to take care?

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Biden and democrats’ solution to low birth rates…

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Again, we need controlled immigration. People with resources and skills. Skills at the every least.
Massive numbers of unskilled or low skilled workers will just crush our social support systems. Look at NYC now crying over it.

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Gotta be fake but funny af.

Median age by state. CA is younger than I thought.

Oldest state: Maine (45), New Hampshire (43), West Virginia (43), Florida (42).

Utah is the youngest at 31. Mormons must like kids.

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Life expentancy in the US:

UN’s forecast. China is about to lose 216M working age people. India about to gain 147M.

The rest of the world is facing the same problem. It will just take a couple more decades for us to be in the same boat.

US is founded by immigrants. The best and brightest in the world all want desperately to come here but we have been playing hard to get. Get rid of that loser mindset and we will never face the sharp population decline problem that will wipe China off the map.

The trick is to make sure we really get the best and brightest. Not just any Tom, Dick or Harry.


By best and brightest, @manch is referring to those illegal immigrants :man_shrugging:t3: Those coming in legally are subjected to strict quotas, my guess they are not that bright.

Subject to strict quota, but at the same time not that bright.

Not sure what that means.



You know :wink:

Need some not so bright - quota eg from HK.
Brightest and best - no need quota.

Base it on skills and wealth (one or the other; not necessarily both).
Not country of origin.

Victor Orban, leader of Hungary and perpetual thorn in the side of the EU, rejects EU mandates for taking in refugees while at the same time importing folk from places like Indonesia to do skilled factory work.

Analysis of China’s baby bust plus a snippet from the good old US.

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The overpopulation scare affects Singapore too. Also has silly one child policy. Current policy is more if you can afford it. Anyway, easy for small nation to boost population, just increase immigration. However, has increased too fast, created cultural clashes, now dial back.

I am not sure getting children to date and has sex is any good towards increasing population. The hardest part of marriage is dealing with spouse, parenting and loss of privacy/social life.

It may not accomplish much in and of itself but it is a prerequisite.

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Agree but the biggest issue is with the women. At any one time, a man can impregnate many women but a woman can only be impregnated once. So to increase population, women must want to be a mother. The logical possibilities would be:
a. Increase the number of women
b. Allow polygamy
c. Provide services that help career women not to be affected because of children
d. Educate men that they can be the ones to stay at home
e. Educated women that no need to get the best looking men e.g. 666

Ever come to your mind men may not want to be fathers?

There are tons of deadbeat dads out there. I have seen many cases of single moms raising kids. How many single dads raising kids out there?

Interesting your list is mostly about “educating” women to do this and that.

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It’s not just getting pregnant. That’s the easy part. The hard part is to raise the child for the next 18 years or longer. That’s the reason why some people don’t want children. If it were only for 9 months I am sure many can just tough through it.

In the long run all these wars and conflicts don’t matter. 300 years from now, you are a winner if you still have a significant population left. If we count 25 years as one generation that’s 12 generations, or 15 generations if we use 20 years. The world will look very different from today. The current advanced nations will be small enough that no longer matter.