Wow, Lotto Ticket Sold In East San Jose!


500M is a lot of clams to go RE investing!!!

Ernie’s Liquors = big money too!!!



Can eat in east lake 3 times a day every day for the rest of their lives!!! :heart_eyes:

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Shoot, you can buy East Lake and make it a destination Chinese restaurant…

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Holy shit. That liquor store is next door to Manila oriental market and across the street from my old house. On the other side of white is da East Lake!!

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I thought you won when I heard East San Jose…



Moving to SF cost me 522M…

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It wasn’t me guys.


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we should propose a plan to democrat to tax another 50% of the lottery winner to help ease the affordable housing.

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I heard this morning on the news that the store gets 2.6M for selling the ticket. Nice!!!

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The Vietnamese owner of another liquor store across the street was shot to death in a robbery last year. Liquor store is a high risk business.



Wish it was me…

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People should read this article first in case they will win 500m one day. :smile:

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Gosh, with a net of oh 200M, I could really fix up my CRX…:grinning:

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how about once you know you win, you don’t cash the winning ticket. I don’t know how many months, but
first, rent a house in texas(0 income tax right?) , be a resident there.

Then fly back to CA to cash it, saved 10 percent.

once cashed. changed back the primary residence back to CA.



I don’t think that works. The liquor store you bought it from is in CA, so you “earned” the money in CA similar to CA rentals.



You would also need some time to divorce your spouse, change your name and phone numbers, but a house in Thailand or something and never be seen again.



haha, uncle manch is all about dishing the wifey.

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so any accountant here???



I love wives, especially mine.

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Come on, that is FU money a million times over, even after The Man takes his rightful cut…