Wow, Wealthiest Neighborhood On Earth

China (including HK) is not a very poor people friendly place. Expect a harsh life if you don’t have the moolah.

I heard people are moving to Shen Zhen from Hong Kong.

Wealthy and middle class people from Hong Kong can move to Guangdong. But poor people in Hong Kong will never leave Hong Kong since Hong Kong has better wealfare, they can get free healthcare and free housing

That is likely but again not the same as moving to San Francisco from LA.

Poor people are always better off living in a wealthier part of the world than a poorer part of it.

That makes sense. Poor people in a rich country can enjoy a better life with no job than the hard working middle class in a poor country

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Frankly people in Hong Kong, especially millennials, would never choose to move to Mainland China if they have a choice.

That’s because they are not patriotic and want to break away from China. But china already has a plan to deal with these separatists. Their ending will not be good.

Makes the Bay area look like the midwest price wise. :smiley:

Killed them all! Chinese not proud of Chinese don’t deserve to live! Long live China!
Time to revive the 诛九族 (kill 9 groups of people related to you) rule.

It’s time Singapore comes back to the motherland.

Haha exactly why they don’t want to move back to motherland. Wear the Mao jacket or die.

Many mainland Chinese told me that Hong Kongers think as if they are one tier higher Chinese and look down on them. Surprisingly Taiwanese (supposed to be Nationalist) and mainland Chinese (supposed to be Communist) go very well together, many Chinese businesses here have mixed origins. One of my neighbor is a Hong Konger, not friendly at all. Taiwanese are very friendly. No Chinese from mainland.

1/3 of young people in Hong Kong are willing to work in mainland China. Only 2/3 not willing.

1/3 willing is actually a pretty high number. If 2/3 are willing, HK businesses would be worried

Hehehe… that’s kind of extreme…

Who is the joker who like to spread this type of fear. Long ago, I visited my wife’s relatives in Malaysia and casually asked them why they don’t go to Singapore to look for jobs, plenty and higher pay. They said Singaporeans are horrible people who cheat and bully them. What can I say. Some idiots spread this type of fear.

I’m sure they will be willing to work in mainland if they get paid significantly more. Most people in Hong Kong are money driven.

Young people in Hong Kong might be resentful due to their less stella skills compared with elite mainland people who came to work in Hong Kong. If they go to mainland to work, the kind of jobs they can get are most likely just average jobs. But they may expect more prestigious jobs since HK’s standard of living was much higher than mainland.

Some of the best jobs in Hong Kong also went to mainland youth who might have better qualifications. You can expect finance industry and univrteities recruit the best people from mainland and all over the world. The job competition for Hong Kong youth is now many times greater than their parents

It’s not just because Hong Kong was returned to China. Taiwan is not returned to China and the youth in Taiwan has similar concerns. The real reason is that China has changed much more dramatic than Hong Kong

USA is not trying to integrate with China but American youth and middle aged are also complaining globalization has made their career more difficult

Rise of China is affecting everybody. In Singapore, there is already a backlash against them, currently there is an anti-foreigner mood. So if you don’t speak Singlish, don’t be too surprise that you would get some hostile looks. Foreigners (Singaporeans called them FT, foreign talents in a derogatory way) are taking over many jobs and businesses, better qualification ones took over the managerial and professional jobs, and the lesser qualification ones took over the hawkers and service jobs.

Is this true?

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You are fired!

Absolutely, foreigners go to Japan to beg for a living. They go to China to be worshipped by the locals :rofl: