Wow, Wealthiest Neighborhood On Earth

Hey @hanera, my wife does believe that Singporeans are really snobby and that they look down on the Malaysians.

Absolutely, Singaporeans’ days are numbered. The Malyasians will exact revenge on them for all their past slights and mistreatments… :rofl:

Here is an update on HK…

$2000 USD / sq ft. That sounds high for Tsuen Wan, but then again I’m totally out of touch with HKRE… I use to remember that area was considered the boonies.

Why compete with a billion Chinese people for land and housing when you have an abundance of options here in America.

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Well, some of us like @dioworld is moving back there right? Always good to know about other neighborhoods, even if they are on the other side of the world…

I will move back there if and only the living standards of the whole country has caught up with America. Yes, I am tracking their GDP per capita every year… :rofl:

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Tsuen Wan is a hot spot now because of the easy access to Shenzhen via shuttle (I heard you can get there faster than other areas in the New Territories like Yuen Long, even though YL is technically closer distance wise to Shenzhen).

By “shuttle” you mean bus? If so Tsuen Wan is not so close. Tuen Mun is closer. I took a shuttle bus from Tuen Mun to Guangzhou three months back and it was pretty fast. But with the new high speed rail nothing will beat that.

I think you have it backward. It’s always better if you have more money than locals. You can hire an army of servants to take care of you. If you wait until the whole country’s living standard catches up why bother moving? It will be the same as here.

How long was your commute from Tuen Mun? I heard you can get to Shenzhen from Tsuen Wan in 20 min via the shuttle bus.

I think it’s around 20 to 30 minutes?

Tsuen Wan to Shenzhen in 20 minutes seems physically impossible…

Um… yes you might be right… :rofl:

I take it back. I just looked at the map. Yes, you can drive from Tsuen Wan to Shenzhen in 20 minutes without traffic.

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Tsuen Wan, huh.

Growing up, I was told not to go north of Mong Kok, and I think I’ve only been to Sham Shui Po couple of times to buy pirated software :wink:

So yes, I missed the boat on Shen Zhen big time. Back then, Sha Tin was also considered “up & coming” but we laughed it up as boonies. I’d imagine Sha Tin has finally “come” now?

is about to get even more wealthier…

Let them shoot for the moon, not impressed at all… :frowning_face:

Geez, $1K/sq ft is nothing…

OMG… talk about people who need to grow up… who would still need money from their parents well into their 30s??? Only Hong Kongers… :rofl:

Oh wait… I think that’s the definition of inheritance. Ok… not just Hong Kongers… :rofl: