Xi China

The Hu years - he held the presidency between 2003 and 2013 - were seen as a time of opening up to the outside world and increased tolerance of new ideas.

The current government has encouraged an explosion in nationalist sentiment, showing little concern for what anyone else thinks about its handling of anything.

The old model has been symbolically removed.

A party congress effectively removed Premier Li Keqiang from senior leadership. Li, the nation’s No. 2 official, is a proponent of market-oriented reforms, which are in contrast to Xi’s moves to expand state control over the economy.

No more market-oriented economy?



Look like Chinese have faith in Xi China.

Biden has faith in Xi China too

Biden and Xi both said in their opening remarks that they were looking for ways to coexist despite their disagreements.


The State Department said that Secretary of State Antony Blinken will also visit China in person sometime early next year to follow up on the Xi-Biden meeting.

Normal practice. Details :slight_smile: need to be sorted out.

On Taiwan, despite intense media speculation over Beijing’s intention, Biden said he did “not think there’s any imminent attempt on the part of China to invade Taiwan.”

Win win win for everybody.

Last year, China’s foreign minister Wang Yi put out three core demands — “bottom lines” — that China wanted the U.S. to agree to in order for relations to improve: to not get in the way in the country’s development, to respect China’s claims over places like Taiwan and to respect Beijing’s Communist Party rule.

Reasonable demand. Respect other’s sovereign.

From Beijing’s perspective, the U.S. has since done the opposite on all counts.


New link.

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Hu JinTao camp strikes back.

@manch would be sad.

China’s Covid Pivot Accelerates as Cities Ease Testing Rules

As expected since Xi didn’t wear mask during the Party Congress.

Hopefully don’t open too fast otherwise Fed would hike rate higher as China re-opening is inflationary.

Banks have faith in Xi China.

Now then Ross realizes that? So f… obviously nearly two months ago. Ross is slow. Anyhoo, depends on how China eases. If eases within, inflation would be go way down because huge increase in supply chain. If eases restrictions to travel, swarms of Chinese would drive up airfares and buy up luxurious goods, indirectly causing prices of other goods to rise too. So Ross is thinking too shallowly. Let hope China eases travel restrictions last.

Under heavy pressure, Beijing was declared no more lockdowns. Outcome is mall and street are even more deserted than lockdown periods, and hospitals are over crowded. SMH. People don’t know what they are asking for. Always thinking government doesn’t know what they are doing. This is a swan looking more and more black.

Brace for a spike in inflation :pray: or not.

My source told me different story. Most of the cases are extremely mild and should be over within 3 months. Get ready for the coming resurgence of China… could be inflationary (surge in demand) or deflationary (surge in manufactured supplies) for the world.

Nobody wear masks in Shanghai. Severely affected by Covid??? Sure???