You Gotta Love BART

Maybe we need some forced labor. Instead of jail time, make them pick up trash for a year.

Come on, man, this country is going way too lax on crime. Now, we are having local government sanctioned marijuana smoking celebration days. Did you not see the pathetic Berkeley police literally just stand there while rioters trashed the Cal building? Embarrassing.

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It’s going to get real in Berkeley tonight. I think the snowflakes will in for a rude awakening.

I find the whole thing absolutely pathetic. I watched the news last night where an idiot protestor was defending the prevention of Ann to come onto the campus. Dude, hello, free speech works both ways remember? Ann has just as much right to have the opportunity to speak just like your sorry arse…

My understanding is that outside police plan to come in to help out or more like actually do the job that the Berkeley police is incapable or unwilling to do.

This is where the Berkeley police will be, as it goes down:

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My Bart station :disappointed:

Must be a Russian guy, you know, Putin is getting rid of them. :smirk:

Is why I don’t like to own any rental in East Bay.

Come on, this happened the other night too in all places THE FABULOUS MARINA DISTRICT!!! I am quite sure you wouldn’t mind owning some rentals in the Marina District…

Why not install some security cameras on BART trains and BART stations?

Is this description detailed anough for people to help provide info?

“The victim described the attacker as being in his 20s, about 5 feet 6 inches tall and wearing a hooded sweatshirt”

Um, that would describe every male millennial no???

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They were going to do this but I believe it’s not fully implemented. Must have spent too much on the janitors.


Probability of this happening in San Leandro vs. the Marina district is reflected in the price difference. No use giving these kinds of comparisons.

Well, just a response to @hanera’s general remark about not wanting to own in the East Bay. East Bay is a big place, right, that includes very tony places like Piedmont, Oakland Hills, Kensington, etc etc etc… No place is immune from crime…no place

Wow, actual working camera in BART??? OMG, did fares go up again??? Whereas, the freaking escalator to my downtown office is still out after many weeks. Come on, I thought the urine and feces would lubricate the bearings of the escalator. Guess not…

Are you upset that the BART janitor was not doing double duty (as he really should be) as a parking lot security guard too? He is paid like he has at least two jobs…:slight_smile: