You Gotta Love BART


Trust me, you do NOT want to get me angry.

If someone got beef with me then he/she really has serious problems. Anyone that knows me in real life will tell you the same thing.


Are you serious? You don’t make money by driving fancy cars. You gotta read the Millionaire Next Door if you haven’t already.

That said, is this the WWF or are you guys seriously pissed at each other? Got some serious grumpiness going on there.


No cat-fights from us ladies. We’re too classy to do that in front of you guys.


So, you do it when we’re not around?


It’s OK guys, fight all you want. Debating, insulting, is healthy to a point where you are not criminalized. From there, it takes another ugly turn.

At least, in my world, you can call me idiot and dumb and stupid, I don’t care, I am going to sit with you and enjoy a cup of coffee, I promise you that, but don’t call me a fraudster or a scammer, I will be looking for you. I mean it. And I will find you. :wink:

Now, let’s keep it civil, just don’t push each other when the next Bart train comes your way. :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:


That’s just their normal bickering…strengthens their friendship.


They are bonding…:sweat_smile:


Gross… :rofl:




So, you do it when we’re not around?

I wouldn’t know, so far I haven’t been in any private ones. But I’m sure if they happen, it’ll be over private message.



Way to get a ballot measure approved with no plan to actually build it. It makes you wonder how they determined the budget for the project.



Just call Musk… He will tell you how to do it…trust him
He can do it in 6 months with a plastic shovel and a kids sand pail… lol


Is my Model 3 ready yet???



Not stolen… blatant robbery…


What else is new? Just like jury duty and taxes, a bump in BART fares is like clockwork…

Oh well, homes in SF just got more expensive again…


Yup, and BART will still lose a ton of money :slight_smile:


I am still waiting for that escalator at my station to be fixed. You would think it is problem the size of the Millennium Tower foundation. 4-5 months now for a one story flight of escalators. Unbelievable…