You Gotta Love BART


But you don’t have any kids!!! No sympathy from those who happened to have them AND a wife… :rofl:


Yes Bart could be a lot better…but so could many things… I ride everyday. For the most part, it gets me from point A to B with zero issues.

As for crazies and crime, that is mostly a reflection of the Bay Area sadly.


Sorry, but here again is an area that you must agree that you really have no true life experience with (unless you really are married)…


Sorry not sorry!!! I don’t need any true life experience in this area to be able to tell if someone is a multi-millionaire or not… and why deny something good about yourself? Would you rather have people see you being broke and homeless instead of being a multi-millionaire??? :rofl:


So, tell me, what if a novice at best who barely has cracked open an Econ 1 textbook or knows what the Wall Street Journal is, tells you he/she can can out invest you blindfolded? I would expect you to answer the way I did to you. If you haven’t stepped in my shoes, son, you don’t know jack…


Great!!! Someone else arguing on the forum other than buyinghouse and Marcus!!!


What we really could use is a cat fight…

Hey, @harriet… can you pick a fight with @Jane???

Oops, not the most PC thing to say these days, eh???


Ok fine… everybody… @sfdragonboy is NOT a multi-millionarie. But don’t take my word for it, judge for yourself!!! :rofl: :rofl:


How many multi millionaires drive Honda CRXs??? I rest my case…again


Didn’t that guy who wrote “the millionaire next door” say that most millionaires are not at all flashy and drive beat up cars???.. What kind of a car does your multi-millionaire brother who lives in Saratoga drive again?.. :thinking: :laughing:


True, a beater… and yes he fits your example but not me!!!


Ok… if you insist… :rofl:


Until I liquidate everything and am retired like you I can’t technically say I have money, right?


Um… I don’t have any money. I only have some lousy $20k in the bank… :rofl:


You sound like a typical Singaporean. Asset rich cash poor. You definitely fit in there.


I don’t need any maids to pamper me… I’m not a good fit… :rofl:


Oops, is my math that lousy? No wonder people have been telling me “what do you call a mathematician who fails out his math classes? a statistician!”. Should have said “I only need to increase my net worth by 500 times”.


No need to be modest here like @sfdragonboy and understate your wealth… :rofl:


Same response to my wife, I don’t have any money…:slight_smile:


Absolutely! Hoarding money from your spouse is key to lifelong fulfillment… :rofl: