You Gotta Love BART




Dude, while conceptually a second tube would be a boon for the area it would be pretty darn expensive. Your fare rates will go through the roof. I may be joining you in taking BART regularly in about 2 years when our new offices are done. If you see someone wearing a “sfdragonboy” sweatshirt, say hello…


I rather to see an expansion across the San Mateo bridge. Close the loop. That route can serve as alternate if current transbay needs to be closed for anything.



this is so not true - I ride BART all the time into SF from Pleasanton as do many of my friends and none are “poor”


If they did this the homeless would just camp out in them for shelter…which is why I think you only see them in suburbs not the city


Are you sure you are all rich? :rofl:


She said not poor. Not poor does equal rich. There is an 80% divide between rich and poor.


We are all middle class. :slight_smile:


Uh, including those PA folks who make 400K a year???


Yeah sure. 400k is middle middle class, not even upper middle class.


Wow, we def ain’t in Kansas anymore…


I kinda doubt that. Just put up a sign saying 10 minute limit, conductors are allowed to open the door anytime.

Frankly, lack of bathrooms isn’t stopping them from camping out either.





Less people are using transit, so the answer is to invest $15B in it?


They are clairvoyant, they know people will still come here or come back…


My escalator is broken again…