You Gotta Love BART


Wow, cutting edge move, BART!!! Do we need a fare hike for this???


It‚Äôs some sort of ‚Äúband of brothers‚ÄĚ type thing to promote him. I‚Äôve often seen that when a guy in the in-group does something that‚Äôs very ‚Äúbad‚ÄĚ (illegal/wrong etc), the men in power around him may profess publicly that they condemn the behavior, but they surely elevate him soon after.

I’m struggling to understand why this happens myself, because the people who elevate the wrongdoer would often never do the same thing themselves and they have good reputations, appear to be nice family-oriented people etc. Now there are more grassroots movements (eg #metoo, black lives matter) that are fighting back when it happens, so the behavior has become more noticeable to me.


Seems like the Oakland BART stations are all pretty bad.


Just another day on the BART system. :frowning:



Ugh on the drug use… Heroin on the escalator railing? I guess you should wash your hands anyways after being in Bart.


Why are not the police arresting these people…This all illegal activity…Any illegal activity tolerated adds to more illegal activity…It spreads like cancer…incarceration, drug rehab centers and exile is the only solution…Otherwise these druggies will take over the whole city…


I think they get out too easily. Arrest them one day, they get off the next.

That said, if someone on meth went wild and started attacking people, maybe there’s be more of a push to do something.


Arrest, incarcerate, exile or send to drug rehab…do not release…


I’m 1000% on board. Too bad I’m not in charge.


There’s not enough prison or jail space. Do you want to spend $70k/yr for each one you lock up?


How about a contract with Fresno…or Mexico? I have a lot of friends retiring in Mexico…We just need to convince the homeless they need a long Mexican beach vacation…lol


Mandatory drug rehab for $70K? Might be worth it. What’s the price for non-mandatory participation?

And how much are we paying for the cleanup of Civic center anyways.


Let them inject as much as they want…Problem will go away soon enough


Not soon enough. If they want to do drugs in public, they deserve mandatory rehab.


That‚Äôs the issue here‚Äďnot that they‚Äôre doing drugs, but that they feel entitled to do them with police and other people‚Äôs kids watching. Sorry, but that‚Äôs not ok. Lock them up. They‚Äôll learn soon enough to do their deeds privately.


What’s next? People having sex publicly on Bart, and we just let them do it?


Lock em up…Give them all the drugs they want and they will all be dead in no time…


Needles and feces are everywhere. :scream:


She should have looked at her seat before sitting down. Some people are so anxious about grabbing a seat that they don’t look at all. Big mistake.