You Gotta Love BART


KRON first reported the amounts, which came on top of the janitors’ base pay of about $60,000. BART told the station that overtime pay will no longer be available as of 2017.

60k starting. That’s too high already. And I’m sure the benefits are pretty sweet…


BART - Bay Area Rapid Transit of our money is more like it!!!



Really? If he is really working 15 out of the 18 hours every freaking day, I’d say he makes Asians look great.


That’s the problem, he ain’t actually working that much. Me thinks he is snoozing back there in the storeroom. My god, if he is actually cleaning the station platform that much each day it would be so clean one can eat off it even with the hordes trampling over it each day…



Housing in the Fab 7x7 just went up again…

In an unrelated matter, the board passed an inflation-based fare increase of 2.7 percent as well as a 50-cent surcharge on fares paid for with paper tickets. They also reduced the discount for youth riders ages 5 to 12 from 62.5 percent to 50 percent, and established a new 50 percent discount for youth ages 13 to 18.


Ya think???


Expect to see more hoodies on Bart

My nextdoor is filled with people posting video of package thieves where you can’t see their face


If you give me a Millbrae house, I will gladly ride BART into town…



This is hilarious. Everyone is scared of offending a minority, so forget releasing video that might help solve crime.


Should have kept the fake cameras then…:grinning:



My god, the escalator at Embarcadero Station has been out for what, months now??? I know I need my Wellness steps but this is ridiculous… How hard is it to fix an escalator? Can’t we wake up Mr Janitor Who Sleeps In The Storage Room and make him help out with that?



And where were the BART policemen? Probably inside the station chit-chatting with their coworkers or on their cellphones. I should have taken a picture of it one day as I was exiting the station from Muni and going by the BART section. There is in plain sight a homeless person sprawled all over the floor sleeping while a BART policeman was web surfing on his phone. Unbelievable…



See??? BART employees are useless. Hopefully, they got on the horn and called for police at least.


Life goal: get a BART union job.


Time to work on your mopping skills. Either that or sleeping in the closet skills. :rofl: