You Gotta Love BART


Uh, disregard that seat with the body chalk outline…


I guess with that many riders it probably had to happen sometime. Heart attack?


No, drug overdose from sitting on a syringe…



It is what it is or a case of more funny business?



Why don’t they just track the race of the suspect each time the BART police are called? Then they’d have a very good idea of if there’s bias or not.


Come on, @marcus335, you know the answer as well as I do. I will go out on a limp and say I ain’t seeing a ton of Chinese people causing mayhem on BART or Muni…


If they’ve been banned, they could be homeless. It’s not racism to suspect that a large portion of homeless people in the areas BART travels are probably black.


here’s another one, a very lovely man smoking and enjoying his time in bart.
Personally i would not take bart now, just too dirty… they should change to the stainless/plastic seat like hk mtr



Unfortunately, your fare is going up to fund this program…


Only for one more month. I’m quitting my SF job. As the kids call it, I’m going on funemployment.




Are you retiring or just going on umemployment?


THat is money well-spent. Unlike the janitor sleeping in his closet.


Not retiring. I’m only 30 but I am tired of my office job. I’m trying to find myself and see what I want to do longer term for work/fun/etc. I call it 1/3 life crisis.

I’m going to post a separate thread another time and ask for everyone’s career advice.



Did you already give notice or are just thinking about it? You do realize that a steady office job does provide you with the means to then do your side investing in RE, right? And, let’s not forget the benefits presumably like paid vacation and paid health insurance. Think carefully before you leap. But if you must leap, good luck!!!


I leapt. One more month and I’m done. I have nothing lined up.
It was not an easy decision. I have my immigrant story like probably many of us here.

My family and I were poor immigrants. We were small time farmers in China. We worked hard over the past 2 decades to achieve a level of comfort. My dad has been a cook for a Chinese fast takeouts. My mom worked in the garment factories in Oakland until they closed and moved to China/Asia. She now working as in-home aide. They never made much but they worked hard and long to provide for my brother and I.

I’m leaving a decent salary, good benefits, and respectable white collar work. Given my history and background, it was the hardest decision of my life to walk away with nothing lined up. “Taking time off” is a foreign concept to me. At this point, I don’t even know how to tell my parents…


Uh, you have mortgages right???


With Prop 10 coming, I suggest you to wait until November to decide.

I don’t think about FIRE until Prop 10 is defeated. If Prop 10 passes, I will need to do 1031 exchange and need a pay stub to justify mortgages