You Gotta Love BART


You’re starting to sound like my parents!

Yes I have mortgageS but the rental income is enough to cover the expenses. I won’t be in negative cash flow territory. I also have a big cushion to last a while. After all, I am immigrant so I saved and invested!


It’s too late. I’m not looking back. I grew up with nothing so I can live on cheap. I didn’t let my lifestyle creep up even as I made more money. I’ll be okay.

My mental and emotional health is more important than wealth building now.


@caiguycaiguy should be okay even though he has nothing lined up. Job market is hot. Seeing people quitting left and right is the norm nowadays. He will be able to find something if he wants to.


If you told me earlier, I would suggest you to take a 6-12 month leave of absence.

But with the strong job market now, I’m sure you can get a paycheck whenever you like.

But what’s your passion and what’s your ideal career?

But I wish I made bold moves like you are making now.


Ok, my friend, get your write-up going and we can maybe hopefully point you in the right direction. That is a gutsy move, I tell you. I honestly do not own a pair strong enough to just walk out (regardless of how much money socked away)…


@sfdragonboy @BAGB @harriet

Thank you for your comments everyone. I’m going to finish my month then worry about it at that time. I’ll start another thread to seek career advice.

For now, let’s start keep this thread about Bart!


Workplace is the 5th leading cause of death


Take time off. Just do it. I just wouldn’t stay out too long so that you don’t have too much trouble getting back in.

Sometimes it’s hard to relax and rest. Back in my 20s I was convinced for religious reasons that I should start taking Sunday as a day of rest. First Sunday I went batty and headed back into work. I couldn’t figure out how to actually rest and relax. I think being able to get into a rhythm of work/rest is a healthy thing. First step to that is actually taking the time to rest.


I have yet to ride in the new train. I ride Bart basically 6 days a week. No luck.


I’ve been riding the new Muni trains. Sucks!!!


Uh oh. Why?


Fewer seats. Dude doesn’t wanna stand.


That, (standing) and just don’t like people’s crouches in your face if you are lucky enough to snag a seat. With the bench style, rim seating, then everyone is squished too to no end. Progress sucks…






Murder on BART!!!

One woman dead and her sister injured


This cat better fry, or even I might pick up a BLM sign…


How is related to BLM? Is this a racial massacre?


“I don’t know what it was but he was just always kind of a problem," said neighbor Carol Kincaid.

She has known Cowell since he was a child. She says he’s lived in and out of this Concord home and over the years has been in trouble with the law. In fact, according to our media partners at the East Bay Times, Cowell has an extensive criminal record.

Kaiser Medical in Richmond filed a restraining order against him after he was accused of threatening to kill an employee in 2016.

Then he was sentenced to prison for robbery and after serving two years, was out on parole four months ago.

As to what led to Sunday night’s stabbing, police still don’t have a motive.