You Gotta Love BART



Well, it could have been blasted clean with bullets…








I’ve never felt unsafe on BART, even riding home late at night (esp on the weekend) there are tons of riders, no trains are ever empty


You have more risk of getting into a car accident driving to work than you getting attacked on BART.


exactly. There are always TONS of people on trains even if you’re on the last one coming back.


Now which Bart lines are you riding though? Let’s be frank, some stations are way more dangerous than others…


Anywhere from SSF through downtown San Francisco to Dublin/Pleasanton or Walnut Creek. My late night riding is always downtown SF to Dublin/Pleasanton (which goes through West Oakland, Coliseum, San Leandro, etc)


Still, be careful and I tend to tell my wife, don’t look/act meek that someone will take you for an easy mark.


I second @britt522. All these fear mongerIng against BART is silly. You are far more likely to get into accidents driving your own car.


I was thinking THE EXACT SAME THING. Even before I scrolled down.


Doubt it.


Are you doubting math? Any statistics to back up your opinion? There were 417 cases of theft/violence on BART in 2017. In contrast, in 2016, over 33,000 traffic crashes resulting in fatalities, major injuries or minor injuries were reported on Bay Area roadways…so pretty sure that’s not even comparable.


You need to divide by population to get a rate to make it a fair comparison.




I’m doubting that manch did the calculations, and if I had to bet, I’d bet that BART is just as bad if not worse.



Where are you getting the 33000 stat from?