You Gotta Love BART



Good photos. Those cameras are going to pay off I think.


What say you, Jerry???


They will be for sale right? Can bart keep the properties & rent, and collect income?


Well, the ones in Oakland’s Fruitvale Village are rental apartments only I think. Not cheap…


Just got home from BART. Been a while since I took BART late at night; it wasn’t as bad as I thought actually. There were plenty of people on the train, or maybe it wasn’t late enough.


Yeah, workdays are fine since plenty of riders. Weekends though is another story.


Must I post the pic of the New York subway entrance with the iron grating again???



At the same time, the agency is struggling to fill vacancies in its force,

Suuuuure…(hey guys, coffee and doughnuts at Powell station at 10am???)


Who’s want to be a cop in today’s world? There’s literally a war on police. Don’t use your gun and you can die. Use your gun and you lose your career. That’s literally a no-win situation.


Yes it’s not just America, it’s everywhere. My cousin is a cop in Hong Kong and he gets a lot of hate.


I think we need a sad face option instead of just hearts…



more reasons to avoid subway.


And really how’s that going to work on Bart?

“He’s got a gun.
He’s got a gun.
He’s got a knife.
He’s got a gun.
He’s wearing four cell phones–must work for Nokia.
He’s not wearing anything at all.
He’s got a gun.
He’s got a gun
He’s got a knife.”


I used to carry a pocket knife when i was at school - i spent 80% of my awake hours in the lab, and it could become handy at times (for robots and stuff). i don’t carry it anymore, but not sure what’d happen if i did - couldn’t get to bart? Good thing is i never did, except for 1 time.


I’d definitely be carrying that on Bart if I were you.