You want affordable housing you say?


Here is our wonderful Bored of Stupidvisors at it again…

What are the chances of projects penciling out in the black if all of the units are to be affordable housing (despite the additional sq footage one can build)???


This is why I am excited to see Brown and Sacramento muscling in. City governments are just too dysfunctional and too NIMBY. Insisting on 100% affordable housing is just a politically correct way to say “screw you”.


“the program could still add 5,000 below-market-rate homes to San Francisco’s housing stock in the next two decades.”

Yeah, that’ll make a HUGE difference. These people are morons.


Of course, here comes the opposition to our Gov’s plans…


That’s just turf warfare. I am rooting for Brown.


Me too. Brown help turn Oakland around when he was Mayor and it sounds like we both have benefited from that.


Take him back as mayor. He’ll do less damage that way.


What??? Brown actually has done a fairly good job as our Gov. I don’t know that anyone else could have done as good a job. But I suppose the bar was set pretty low, after Awwwnold…


We need to build “below market housing” right around all of the government stooges who believe that government is imbued with some magical powers whereby they can dictate the market and ignore simple demand and supply. They seldom have to live with the results of their own actions. But the rest of us aren’t so nicely insulated.

Have you ever noticed how many city managers, often the highest paying local employment in a smaller suburb, don’t even live in the city they are 'managing"? Vallejo’s city manager lives in Novato. He’s been a city manager for several other cities lasting about five years at each. And, getting even more money each time he jumps with a lucrative contract that guarantees him that money whether he lasts or not.

They used to call this “carpetbagging” but somehow recognition of it has fallen away when it comes to stupid city councils.


Arnold? He was a kind of a dumb investor disguised as a Realtor. If he had another 4 years more, he could have sold the Golden Gate and in top of that as a bonus the city hall.


This time, our fabulous Planning Dept (not our Bored of Stupidvisors) are at it. Sure, Mr. Developer, don’t worry about that additional $2B…it will pencil out… trust us…


$2B over 25 years spread across 7,800 units. That’s over $10k/yr or $854/mo in fees. People wonder why housing is so expensive.


Yeah, and I am in search of a great President to lead this great country of ours!!!

City officials are looking for a developer to build at least 50 percent affordable housing

(sounds of crickets…)


City college can’t manage its costs…Tear it down and build a 50 story SF Trump tower…lol


The high minimum required % of affordable units is simply ludicrous. Why would any builder do it, even at say 25% or 30% when they can go elsewhere? Builders are not stupid!!! They may be sometimes appearing to be late to the dance, but that is more due to the heinous red tape with the process, right?


The whole idea of affordable housing stinks…merely a subsidy paid on the backs of working people…The middle class has to commute …so why are the poor more privileged. .There is more affordable housing in Oakland and DC
.the poor can commute along with everyone else…The rumor is many “SF homeless” live in Oakland and take BART over to panhandle in the financial district. .they are capitalists. .beg where the money is


Agree. Should just let the market does its wonder. Can afford, stay nearer. Can’t afford, stay further.


I believe we should make sure some housing is affordable to all. But not that it should be located in the most expensive and desirable locations


Well, Bored of Stupidvisors? Here’s what the developers think of your affordable housing % requirement…


Condo price will rebound? You in?