You want affordable housing you say?


Nope. If I am in, I would still hit Fremont hard. There is a new 3/2 fixer listing in Fremont for 569k. Need address info. Needs major work, but hey no pain, no gain. Ok parts of Fremont are not bad at all. Incoming families are young and high tech. Nothing but good folk coming in.

Just as you have an aversion to the Sunset and chicken wings, I have the same for condo HOAs. HOAs suck!!! Why am I paying $500+/mo for a community room??? :slight_smile:


HOAs can make being a landlord a living hell… condos can be a real turn off for investors


Too many condos.


Finally, after extorting a tad more from the developer…


Disgusting. I really wish we could make these anti gentrification people go live in some of the worst parts of Detroit for a year. Then they’ll realize what happens if you don’t do gentrification. You keep declining.



I bet they think they’re really helping people.


Yeah, they don’t get it. While some developers will stay since it is the Fab 7x7 after all, others will depart for greener pastures…


Yes, but not by tearing this down!!!


It will take 2 years just to get the permits to develop the site. Our government working at breakneck speeds.


And, dog gone it, over that 2 years or longer, we ought to have our planning discussions, well, right here at the strip club…


It will take two years to prove that removing a strip club wont have a detrimental effect on the local environment. …lol


Does Portland have CA’s regulatory environment? If not, maybe they could just bulldoze it tomorrow.


Even Nevada has caught the anti growth California disease…growth is being stopped everywhere


in the city known nationally for its many strip clubs.

Wow, did you know this??? You know, Vegas or Dallas maybe, but Portland??? Come on!!!


They have a vegan strip club.?so PC…My friend Leila has been there…She is vegan …She is an exotic dancer in Vegas…She performed at my 60th birthday…She has an amazing ability to handle cash…lol


Yes it is not possible that way. Affordable housing is not possible in expensive and desirable locations.



Yeah, that is nuts…I used to work with people who commuted in from Sacramento or Vacaville. No one lasted…


Why doesn’t she buy a car?