You want affordable housing you say?


She’s probably sleeping on the train


She is sleeping because she is sleep deprived. .Stockton by car is 1.5 hrs…She should move to Antioch and take Bart from Pittsburg. .cut commute in half


Correct, my teammate does the commuting in from Brentwood or Antioch that way. He still works from home 2 days though…


Commuting sucks…Thats why we can’t sell our house in Discovery Bay…People used to be willing to commute from there at least to the East Bay cities… .But now 580 is solid traffic to Stockton.
Waterfront 1700sf 4/2 for less that half off Sunset prices…


Guys and Gals,

There is such a thing called a marketplace where if you gave the consumers the right tools they alone will easily achieve the desired effects that you want without you even lifting a finger to do it for them.

I can’t believe this idiot:

Atkins’ bill would exempt documents related to property sales, but would apply to other transactions such as refinancing a mortgage.

Uh, how many people still haven’t refi’d their mortgages? Wow, yeah, that should generate a ton of money…NOT!!!


$200-300M annually is at best 350 units a year when the state needs 1,400,000. They’ll pat themselves on the back for throwing a shot glass of water in a forest fire.


Jerry had the right idea before, about streamlining the approval process for building, but it was what the unions or whatever that knocked it down. We need real reform that works.


As long as the unions and especially the Public employees unions own the Democrats the public interest will not be served



Not in my town!!!


Shocking. I bet if you survey Palo Alto residents almost 100% would say we should do more to fight homelessness. They’d all turn around and vote against building a facility for homeless people in their town. Then they’ll walk out of the voting booth and verbally shame people that are openly against it. Everyone says the PC thing, since they are trained on what’s ok to say and how to avoid conflict.


That’s where East Palo Alto comes in. That town is built to house servants to their western overlords.


Even that’s getting expensive now. It’s only a matter of time before it’s fully gentrified.


See this, Brisbane!!!


If this makes it to a vote I wonder what the voters of San Ho will say…


At some point, there will be a lot of former retail space that can be rezoned. The US overbuilt retail space by a huge margin. It makes sense to rezone.


Turn it into self storage… People need a place to store all the cheap junk they buy… no better place than a retail location



And while you’re at it, store yourself too. :slight_smile:
Honestly, I’m surprised there aren’t more people living in storage facilities.


We turned the old Sears store in Oakland on Telegraph into retail first floor, apartments above and self storage in the basement.