You Want Excellent Chinese Food, Manch?


You should be able to get excellent, authentic Chinese food here…

32 bedrooms huh? Hmm…

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You gotta put your concubines somewhere, Manch…

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As someone who grew up here in the Bay Area 50s, 60s, 70s, etc. I can say from experience that equivocating Chinese food with pizza likely stems from the time of my youth when virtually all “Chinese” was take out or order in. I remember ordering Chinese delivered long before pizza delivery was offered. And this was prevalent before “fast food”.

However, that changed many years back with the advent of Chinese fine dining in sit down restaurants. At least in my experience.

Frankly, I won’t do take out or delivery. My wife gets upset with me for that and tells me the food is the same.

Well, no it’s not. The Chinese served to us on platters in the restaurant (we grossly over order and save for take-to-work lunches the following week) is miles better than the same thing squished into those paper cartons and carted home to be reheated in the microwave. Yes, it’s the same food. But texture, flavor, temperature and mouth feel are all negatively impacted by the process.

Would we cook up a holiday meal in the morning, wrap it up and store it until dinner time and then pull it out for serving and claim it was “the same”?

I didn’t think so!
And, I hate take out.

Too bad you don’t like takeouts @tomhVallejo there is a whole sector of startups focusing on delivering takeouts. Grubhub even went public on that ticket.

Tom, dont go to Carls Jr…their food is precooked and frozen off site. …then reheated…in other words they are serving left overs…the worst fast food of all…followed closely by Arbys and their mystery meat…

To each their own Manch.

Maybe I don’t like take out because if I’m paying for restaurant food, I don’t want to have to do the dishes as well? :wink:

Actually, I think a lot of it is just atmosphere. When I eat at a restaurant, I actually like getting out of the house for a while to a different place.

Even for the few times I get fast food. I want to sit down inside. Shoving it down my gullet while in the car is just plain stupid.

I always had this rule about no eating in my car anyway. It avoids a lot of cleaning, damage to the car’s interior as well as the indigestion that usually results anyway.

Then, I met my wife. And, all my “rules” went out the window pretty quickly.

Single life has it’s advantages. :slight_smile:

I do very little fast food. Only when on the road and in a hurry. And, even then, as I am showing my age, I have found that not eating at all while in a fast food mode is better than eating fast food. I can enjoy a pleasant meal at a leisurely pace when I get to my ultimate destination instead. It’s so much better.

A friend from years back taught me an interesting “fast food habit”. Instead of Mickey D’s or anything like that for a work lunch, he and I would walk about a mile down the road to the Safeway, pick up some fresh fruit that was in season, and eat it while walking back to work.

What more could you ask for? Good food. Exercise. Outdoors. Good health. And, a much lower price. Win, win, win, win, win. :wink:

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I had fun with the clerk at Carls Jr…I ordered the touted 6 dollar burger med rare…He told me they were precooked well done…I said so you are serving leftovers and comparing it a restaurant quality $6 burger? Best fast food burger is the Whopper or the animal style In and Out burger on a lettuce bun…no carbs

Anyone likes Five Guys? I found their stuff pretty meh.

Kfc is my favorite fast food…wife will only let me go there occasionally …I make the best burgers…Restaurants always over cook them

Hey All, since I am the original poster can we not talk about FAST FOOD when I was actually talking about fine Chinese cuisine??? Sheesh, not in the same boat or planet for that matter…

Manch, your credibility, especially on food, is rock bottom as it is (remember, Denny’s?) if you keep this up…:wink:

You are right dragon boy. Denny’s fine dining. Not fast food at all.

Open 24/7 though…Great for drunks after midnight?
Havent been to the local Dennys in South Lake Tahoe…but the do give seniors discounts…
Trip advisor review not good. Burts, red hut, Ernies, Heidis are all better…but not open late

“Not alot of good things to say. Service was poor and had to find waitress when items needed. The order was wrong and the server had to correct multiple items after the food was brought. Refills had to be requested and server once again had to be located. Cleanliness not good. Utensils given by sever dirty with dried food. Food under the table from prior visitors, and window seals nasty in booths next to Windows. Will not be back unless there are changes and a remodel. Not the best Denny’s I have ever been to - overall poor.”

Wow, Vancouver and now Richmond, BC is apparently another great spot for really good Chinese food, @manch

We visited Vancouver 2 years back. My old pal brought me to the local dimsum and tea restaurant place, no doubt a lot better than here in the bay, but still a far cry from hong kong standard.

The cook are the same (the immigrants), but the traffic and volume are just not in the same level, thus not all ingredients are fresh. This simply won’t work in favor of a typical chinese restaurant that served 50+ different dishes on the menu.

Do you know that McD’s way better in asia than in here? Because they sell a whole lot more burgers per day per location, thus in hong kong they have fresh bread coming in every day and the burgers are all made fresh.

Here you get store bought buns (with preservative so they last a week) and microwaved burger.

I have always joked to my wife that if she thinks the scramble eggs from a local popular brunch place is good, then the scramble eggs from a neighborhood tea restaurant in hong kong would be equivalent to a 3 star michelin restaurant :slight_smile:

Isn’t it true that they serve jook (rice porridge) there or was that in KFC there (China)???

My co-worker who was just in Japan mentioned that they don’t really call it McDonald’s per se. Is that correct? He said they called it McD’s or something to that effect…

God, I don’t think I want to know the equivalent dollar price for a Big Mac in HK…

Their Fries are pretty good I think.

For fast food burgers I like In n Out.

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Ok, I finally have to chime in.

THE BEST burger I had recently is The HABIT burger. Hands down better than 5 Guys, In N Out, etc…Now the qualifier would be that the burger can’t cost an arm and a leg like those ultra gourmet places.

The Habit burger is no joke!!!


Will try one tonight! … in Fremont :slight_smile: