You Want Excellent Chinese Food, Manch?



I won’t set foot in that tourist trap until @harriet green lights it.


Wifey tried that Stonestown udon joint. Said it was ok and cheap, not terrible. There was a line waiting outside when we old schoolers huddled up for some Olive Garden action…


You want me to be the white mouse? :fearful:

That place is a scam; I can cook better udon than that. And with fish meat shumai or fish balls as toppings too not those greasy tempura/asparagus.


A lot people were queue’d up like at Disneyland in front…can’t be too bad


There you go again.


Bad analogy on this thread but haven’t you heard of the saying that a new toilet smells good for three days?


Oh, so only you know what good food is? Again, I didn’t put a gun to these people’s heads to try this place. I could care less, as I am not a big udon fan. The fact is, I saw the line. It is what it is, if the line continues…


Again, you like:

  1. Denny’s
  2. Stocks
  3. Condos

I have done better…


That’s your problem right there man. There is no “better”. Learn from the Zen Master.


No, because for whatever reason you and Miss Millennial think you only know good food, and you don’t. People are behaving differently and you can’t handle the reality of it. Plain and simple…


I didn’t say me and @harriet are the final judge of good Chinese food. Just that my and her tastes seem to line up more than with you.


That is perfectly fine, but please don’t insult people who are in line and are willing to try some new restaurant. Obviously if it were sooo bad, like that sushi place that was there prior, the place will be abandoned shortly.


No it means popularity can only lasts so long if the fundamentals are not there. People might have lined up because they didn’t know, like when I went the first time around. Cannot use lines to judge a new restaurant.


Right, so if the line continues and seems to be a viable restaurant so what is the verdict? That people are dumb and don’t know what they are eating or is it that maybe it is ok as suggested?


I like China Live. Their 生煎包 are really really good and authentic. The rest is good but strays a little bit from authenticity. A lot of restaurants stray from authenticity in order to race to the lowest common denominator (fusion galore). China Live strays from authenticity to try and forge something new, like using Hollow Tube Spaghetti (Bucatini?) for 炸醬麵.

The space is really fresh and modern. I bring guests from out of town to China Live. You have to go in with the right expectations. Its not going to be Koi Palace, but it will be much hipper, much cleaner, more fun, and have better service.


How about this? It may be OK for many many people but not for me. People have different tastes. I am pretty fussy about Chinese and Asian food because, well, I was born and raised in Hong Kong.


@harriet can you do me a solid and scout out China Live? :smile:


How are they compared to Chef Zhao Kitchen in Palo Alto?


Fine, but you cite a restaurant in San Jose that apparently is not so great or otherwise I would be driving down there due to the hoopla. Do I need to remind you where we live? People travel great distances here to try foods, especially really good food. People have driven to even Westfield in San Jose to try that chain dim sum place. How is it that I don’t know ONE person who has driven to your supposedly great restaurant? Not one… (my brother doesn’t count cuz he lives down there…)