You Want Excellent Chinese Food, Manch?


Fine, so DON"T USE it then. Ever. Sheesh. You keep saying it sucks yet every now and then you post something with the Yelp rating or you mention it in passing.

You couldn’t be more wrong about how Yelp works. It works because it is based on the reviews of the posters. Obviously, just like Craigslist, you have some dirty data but despite that it works well for what it is. Same with Yelp. If you don’t post, how do you expect the reviews to get updated and the scoring updated? Magic? Again, Yelp is a medium. If you don’t understand what a medium is, please look up the definition. OMG, Boss, you are way off on this one…


Yelp is fine in areas where I am like everybody else. For example I will definitely look at yelp reviews if I am looking for people to clean my carpet. Clean is clean and everyone agrees what clean is. Or car washers, dentists, property managers so on and so forth.

For things highly individualistic like restaurants and movies reviews are useless.


You cats are just a bunch of complainers, looking at an individual tree when you should be looking at the forest. Of course, a FREE internet site will have its shortcomings and possibility for fraud since it is easy to sign up and post. But are we better off with these sites or not? Of course we are better off. If you were so brilliant, why don’t you create your idealistic, foolproof Yelp or Craiglist sites? The common problem with you all (sounds like) is that you just review and don’t post. Think about that for a minute. Again, so how is a revolving review site supposed to be “accurate” if you don’t ever post? You do understand that is what Yelp is right, a review site?


Wait a minute. I just explained why there can’t be a good review site for restaurants (and movies). Key is personalized recommendation ala Netflix.


I highly recommend using yelp for dentists and property managers. I used it to find my current dentist and 2 or 3 of my PM’s.


No, food is really no different from any other commodity. Come on, do you know how finicky some people are about their dentists?


That’s the problem right there. Food is not a commodity to me man. Or else everyone eats all their meals at McDonald’s.


Again, let’s focus on the Good places you guys personally recommend .


You know what I mean. And besides, since you are a student of data, if enough people independently and on the surface truthfully gravitate towards a number is that number not probably representative of the truth?


There is no “truth” on food taste. I found San tung chicken wings atrocious and I hate the restaurant. Should I be forced to like it just because some random peeps like it?


Of course, individual results will occur but that just says YOU didn’t happen to be in the majority. The reviews overall can still work more often than not…


I am the opposite of you guys. I see a line I won’t go.
I like old school places nobody is talking about. They are less crowded, cheaper and have a loyal following for a reason. One of my favorites in Tahoe is the Cantina. Old style Mexican food. 80s decor keeps out the trendy youngsters and keeps the prices low. Huge place. Outdoor patio.
Great happy hour prices. Two tacos for $4. Never have to wait… Go to place one mile from my house. Dinner for three $40… includes drinks tax and tip. Very good tacos and carnitas. Huge shrimp quesadilla for $10…
drinks $4 at happy hour…
3star on Yelp


Look, the last time we went up to your fantasy land we wanted to try a new breakfast place instead of say a IHOP chain place. Boom, hit the Yelp app. Boom, saw this place that looks like it has been around for eons. Reviews were strong and good numbered. Breakfast was fine, more than fine. Yelp works.


Redhut is for tourists. We go to Ernie’s
Both 4star. There are 3 Redhuts and all very different.


Ok, #3 and #4 respectively. Yelp works.


We went to the one that is really old, so I am thinking the original one(?). It’s breakfast in a vacation town, let’s not have filabuster over this…


Unfortunately most of the Resturants in Tahoe are just ok
Our favorite fine dining is Nepheles. Favorite Asian
Lotus Pho. Italian Scusas or Teps
Chinese Hunan Garden
Hamburger Burger Lounge
Lots of Sushi. All so so

Charthouse has a great happy hour menu. Good food and great views.

Beach restaurants … Beach House dinner
Camp Richardson for Lunch


Redhut has a new one at Ski run. Nice but crowded.
We go mid week usally to the one on Kingsbury
Never been to the old one on 50. Tiny and crowded.


Ok, must have been the one on 50 that we went to. See, that is cool, all old and tiny. That’s what makes a town interesting. Who besides our Fearless Leader wants a bunch of Denny’s all over the place?


I agree. But Denny’s is open 24 hrs for the drunks. Been once, their menu is impressive and their stock is on fire… must be doing something right. Got Noro virus at IHOP
We have tons of restaurants for a small town and mostly they are empty for us locals to enjoy. Many offer locals discounts and all have midweek specials. They know they need local patronage to survive…