You Want Excellent Chinese Food, Manch?



Never understand why Good Mong Kok Bakery is always on these random lists. Good Luck Dim Sum in Inner Richmond tastes better.


I find none of those take out dim sum places are any good. At All. But let these “lists” and “articles” mention them ---- so that the tourists go there and don’t pollute the better restaurants …


Is that the one on Stockton? Always saw some clueless westerners lined up.


Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to comment since I couldn’t read the article due to maxing out my access (to bring content to this forum every morning)…

Well, according to Yelp both are solid 4 stars and Good Mong Kok Bakery racked up 1900+ reviews vs an also very respectable nearly 1400 for Good Luck… I don’t eat takeout dim sum that much anymore when I am home on weekends but the only close place to me is Mongkok on Noriega which is average at best, I know…


Uh oh, good thing we didn’t meet up then…your taste buds might not like the villagey toison places I tend to go to. Maybe R&G Lounge???


I know it! Avoid like a plague. :scream:


Yes that’s the one. I ate there once when I was still a kid and let’s just say it wasn’t memorable at all. The shrimp and chive dumplings at Good Luck Dim Sum were pretty good but I haven’t ordered takeout from there in ages so not sure if quality is still the same anymore.


Hahaha. I don’t discriminate - whether Hakka, Toisan, HK, Cantonese, etc. I even like food from Jiangsu / Shanghai. I will say though that I just don’t “get” Szechuan food. My tastebuds are just not built for that “mala” taste.

Interesting fact - a close relative of mine owned and operated a restaurant in the 1970s where R&G sits today…


your threads make me hungry.



I like udon (all regional styles) and have eaten at their Shibuya branch in Tokyo. It was perfectly fine. If closer to the peninsula, I would certainly give it a try.


There are no needles and feces in that part of SF. It’s in big sorta upscale mall. You can go shopping after the meal. :smile:



Guess which places I fancy made the list, Fearless Leader???


Look at who wrote the article. Title should be changed to “15 Best American Chinese Food in San Francisco”.


Is oaklahoma city beating SJ in Chinese food? Who made this list?


Someone who doesn’t know how to use chopsticks.


I agree that Mission Chinese and House of Nanking are def not for the Chinese natives or locals but some of the places are fine. R&G is pretty good and I have seen plenty of Asians there. Koi Palace is not legit and not for the “real” Chinese?