You Want Excellent Chinese Food, Manch?



For you chinese dumpling addicts, this might be up your alley. This was in Katy Tang’s news letter for the month. You do need to hurry and sign up since limited seating. Event is in Eventbrite:


went to peninsula garden restaurant last weekend. piece of SHIX , warning avoid avoid avoid.
high end wanna be restaurant and claim they’re originated from guangzhou, their food sucks
roast duck tasteless, chicken no chicken taste, geo duck doesn’t seem fresh, fried dishes has no wok hay. only thing good is they’re comfortable and remodeling looks decent.


Where is that peninsula restaurant? Need to blacklist it.


in south san francisco, opened for a month only.


Do you mean this place that changed its name or something (Was Zen Garden no before?)

See, 3 stars… the system is working. All is well in the universe Gang. Buy stocks, houses, cars, etc…sky is NOT falling…:grinning:

Ok too new, no review yet for Yelp…


not the same one

608 dubuque ave, ssf, 94080


Oh shit! That’s the one my wife suggested we try next time!! She said long line waiting outside? How’s the dim sum there?


only tried dinner, not dim sum


Even though Zen Peninsula was not the one @dioworld went to it should still be blacklisted. I found a bug in their dim sum once.



I showed my wife what @dioworld wrote about Peninsula Garden, she told me someone in her WeChat group complained about being overcharged there. That person was charged $48 for a dish of vegetables. When she complained the manager said it’s party size. She didn’t ask for party size when she ordered.

WTF is party size anyway? Never heard of it.



Watch out for bad Chinese food.
Could cause pregnancy… lol

Crystal Gail Amerson thought she was suffering from food poisoning early Sunday when she awoke to stomach pains that had her running to the bathroom, according to the Pensacola News Journal.

The 29-year-old told the Journal, “I had Chinese food the night before and I kind of figured maybe I had food poisoning or something like that.” It turns out, the Pensacola woman was 37 weeks pregnant and about to give birth to her second son.


sad day today, just saw on news from ch26 ABC cafe in noriega st. closed down. although been noticing their food quality continue going down since the min. wages increases. But still i like going there, pretty comfortable seating.




Have you been to clement recently? i notice a lot of cafe/restaurant/small grocery store all went out of business and never came back. I


I am not a regular of clement so I won’t be able to tell the difference.


Yup, most of them are not sustainable mom and pop shops. Minimum wage and cost of good went up but the price point that customers willing to pay is not able to match.


Actually I just remember the last meal I had at ABC sucked really badly. There is no good HK style cafes in the city. They all suck.


yup, their quality keep coming down i think started like maybe after they reopen , kind of have a feel they’ll be out of business soon


ABC should be shut down after my last visit - it was terrible food/price/service!!! At least get two of them OK right?