You Want Excellent Chinese Food, Manch?


Heh. Im north of harriet and south of sfdragonboy. Mid 40s.


This thread is dominated by the ex-Hong Kong people.


Those in rentals seem to be >40s, 30s are the front runners of their generation.


You can contribute by telling us where to eat authentic chicken rice in Bay Area.


Are you sure everyone in that list is from Hong Kong?


After 15 years of searching in the bay area I’ve given up. I resort to making it myself now. Usually I find there are one of two sins being committed in the Bay Area -

a) Chicken is not 文昌-like nor 黃毛。
b) Rice is not sufficiently flavored enough with chicken essence / oil , or is made using some cheap approximation of some chicken taste with powder / mix / whatever.

Even the Chicken Rice on the 2nd level in the Singapore Airport is way way way way way better.


However KFC should be more authentic here than what you can find in Asia. Yum…


I love KFC here but unfortunately no Egg-Tarts here at KFC. :wink:


Yes, not as bad the perennial top whipping boy Sweet and Sour Pork but I am sure you traditionalists frown on beef and broccoli too. Me? I’ll eat it…


A nicely cooked beef and broc is very delicious! Love it.


There is no beef on broccoli in traditional Chinese restaurants. But we do have beef on Chinese broccoli. Huge difference.


Love beef and broccoli. Chop suey is my other favorite. Always end the meal with a fortune cookie. :slight_smile:



Also you forgot your coke.


I draw the line at sweet and sour pork (since you and I have seen it in many places that yes chinese people eat at). Chop Suey is crossing the line!!!


But what about the fortune cookie? Aren’t you ABC? Don’t hate your own invention :slight_smile:


Aren’t fortune cookies a Japanese invention?


I think they invented sushi instead.


"As far back as the 19th century, a cookie very similar in appearance to the modern fortune cookie was made in Kyoto, Japan"


Come on, I thought the Chinese invented EVERYTHING…:laughing:


Well depending on who you talk to some say the Japanese people are descendants from China…


Does anybody actually eat fortune cookies? Taste like sweet cardboard. And what about onions and bell peppers in Chinese cuisine ? They are always under coooked and give me gas. I don’t eat them, anymore. Had one Chinese friend tell they are just for flavor, she won’t eat them either…