You Want Excellent Chinese Food, Manch?


the owner probably knew they’re gonna close it, don’t care cleaniness, food quality, anything no more


I now usually go to millbrae for HK style cafes. There are a few on broadway. I mostly go to cafe orchid suggested by @harriet. It’s actually not terrific but these days just OK food is hard to find. :cry:


man this man closed down too

i like their chicken wing…


Psst…I know this small place in the Sunset…


Café de Coral I miss you already :cry:


Did you try MX? They have some pretty mean curry beef briskets… :cry:


there’s an higher end version of 美心MX, called 香港地


I ate there twice but didn’t find it special. Of course even nothing special there is still like royal feast here. :cry:


Where are these MX’s? I didn’t see one last time. I actually prefer MX (MX > Café de Coral > Fairwood). They seem to change their name gazillion times and I can’t keep up anymore. I still remember them by 美心快餐 :sweat:


太興 is pretty good. especially their milktea. i like them way more than tsuiwah


Oh… that’s one I wanted to try. But none near my folks’ place. Closest is in Tuen Mun.

Their roast meat is good right?


In this category, I like 名寶石餐廳 Tiffany Restaurant. BTW - ABC Restaurant on Noreiga is closed? Good Riddance. The food there over the past several years has been nothing short of abysmal.


Never been there. I just looked it up on OpenRice and wish I knew about it sooner - passed by it too when I went to the Flower Market last month. Darn it! :confused:


Love that place. They have a goose liver dish if I remember correctly paired with rice that as well is to die for. I’m biased - I’ve been going there a long time. I have pictures of myself celebrating my 7th birthday there.


The only times I set foot on Prince Edward were to buy flowers right before visiting cemeteries. Will mark this restaurant on my calendar next time :slight_smile:


:slight_smile: Now I am being nostalgic. I have many fond memories of that block of Prince Edward from my younger days — next to the police station. There used to be a noodle joint just around the corner on Fa Yuen Street, 中仔記. I remember going there and spending 12 HKD for an awesome bowl of wonton noodles (BYON bring your own napkin).


You grew up in that area? I lived in Tsing Yi (considered as boonies back in the day) when I was little and hung out in the Mei Foo/Tsuen Wan area. The places I frequented are all gone now…Toys R Us/歡樂天地 aka HK’s Chuck E. Cheese’s minus the pizza…


I spent quite a bit of time in that area with family when I was younger but I did not grow up there as a resident. That area of Prince Edward is like a 2nd home to me almost. Great memories of the area with late summer rains, watching the lady street vendors keeping dry and listening to Ekin Cheng’s Life EP on my minidisc player. Wow Tsing Yi - yes total boonies!


For some reason I was under the impression that you were in the states since the 80s…guess not if you were listening to Ekin on a MD player :slight_smile:

Yes I was one of the pioneers of Tsing Yi. There was literally nothing there that I had to hang out in the surrounding districts as a kid. Fast forward to today and now it’s considered a RE hot spot? What??? :exploding_head:


I have the same impression. So @aalj is actually a youngster??