You Want Excellent Chinese Food, Manch?


Can Confirm. The Hainese Chicken with rice there is subpar. I like the Chicken much better at Cooking Papa, but Cooking Papa also has subpar rice.


I am suddenly very hungry… :sweat_smile:


@aalj have you tried Fire Up Hot Pot in SSF? I heard good things about their chicken pot and Vitasoy red bean ice drink…


Yum that fire up looks good. I have never been there and will have to try it, thanks. What does inverting the bottle of vitasoy over the cup accomplish?


No idea, it’s probably just a gimmick lol

I need to head over there and try soon, but if you go first let me know so you can be my guinea pig :smile:




Interesting. Maybe I will create a separate topic on this if it proves popular from an investment / market perspective. Do many folks here use caviar / door dash / postmates / seamless ?

Its seems many of these food delivery services are squeezing the beleaguered restaurant industry for more margin (bc usually the restaurants bear most of the fees), and giving them the promise that they will “make up for it in volume (of food transacted)” … but I’m not sure restaurants are terribly happy with the increased wear and tear / stress on staff / etc.

Not sure how this all ends / exits…


This is real milktea. 太興 is the best


Wait you are in HK now?


Yup. Stomach is happy


That’s all I ever want. Some simple Chinese food. Impossible to find good ones here. :sob:


Here’s some fruit for you
Fruit king 泰國寶石球,馬來西亞貓山王
Japan 淡雪 strawberries


Which durian do you prefer?


Time to buy a vacation condo over there @manch!


Err it may be cheaper to rent the most expensive hotel suite in HK for those 2 weeks a year. :thinking:


But if you have a vacation pad over there you will go back more often for your 咖喱牛腩 :sunglasses:


Curry beef stew?
That is considered an authentic Cantonese food? Sound like a Chindia fusion dish.


Traditional Hong Kong food. Like @aalj said HK food is fusion food. Lots of Western influences.


Getting hungry tim… what’s for lunch?