You Want Excellent Chinese Food, Manch?


火腿蛋炒飯only :pensive:

呢個禮拜唔出去食喇, 太多味精


I’m waiting for my mom to come over tonight to try both out. But the texture snd the tadte of the strawberry is great. Doesn’t have any sourness.


I tried going there tonight but unfortunately they don’t take reservations for parties under 6. Bummer. I have 5 in my party and I am too old to wait anywhere.

Is there any place similar in menu focus, price, and quality to Cooking Papa, except instead of being in Foster City, is between SF and SFO?


Just had dim sum at riverside. Pretty good. :+1:

They didn’t use the special soy sauce for their rice noodle rolls though. You know the one that’s a bit sweet? Some points deducted there.

I notice they have snakes? Anyone tried?


Should have asked me to tag along for the reservation :stuck_out_tongue:
Not a fan of Cooking Papa…too oily

Did you try their hot sauce?


Oh shoot. Forgot. They don’t have any sauce on the table. Need to take out another point.


Cooking papa is so so. Not great.


Few yrs ago foster city one is decent except for too oily. The one in santa clara sucks


I agree that Foster City Cooking Papa is oily. I’ve never been to the Santa Clara one. I typically order the most basic and non-stir-fried dishes — i.e. Congee, Soup Noodles, Hainan Chicken, etc. That’s what I like from CP — and I like the informality of it.

Except I cannot find an informal high-quality restaurant between SF and SFO that serves this most basic of stuff. Maybe I am looking at the wrong places.

Maybe Fat Wong’s Kitchen in Millbrae? Its not bad, but I wish it were much cleaner.
Porridge King in Daly City? Noodles are soggy. And I wish it were much cleaner x2.

Open to recommendations. Especially for 及第粥, which is my favorite.


My favorite East Lake in San Jose has the best congee of the entire Bay Area. We love their yellow feather chicken congee. I don’t recall having that quality of congee even back in HK. But @harriet said their management changed the other day? :sob:

I am not impressed with Fat Wong and Porridge King. Porridge King ain’t no king of anything.

The congee at Joyful Kitchen on Ocean is not bad. Not as good as East Lake but I won’t mind eating. Their rice noodle rolls are pretty good too.

We also tried the dim sum across the street at “Gold Coast”. Not too shabby, but Riverside is a cut above. Ming Kee roast ducks/pork next door has the best roast meat in Bay Area. 3 solid restaurants in one block.


You have to order the right stuff at Porridge King. When I go I only get the clay pot rice there. They put 臘鴨 in their 臘味煲仔飯 which is rare.


Awesome thanks. I have heartburn going all the way to SJ for congee, but I’ll definitely goto Joyful Kitchen – appreciated! BTW have you have the pigeon at Ming Kee yet? I like getting the pigeon. Whenever they have it, that is… Ming Kee is way better than Cheung Hing.


Gotcha. You sound like my father “… you have to order the right thing …” but gee, you know with a name like “Porridge King” I would not have known that actually clay pot rice is their forte. :rofl::joy:


I came across their clay pot rice because I went with my mom the first time and didn’t want to place two orders of congee…I love clay pot rice in general so figured I gave it a try and voila :open_mouth:


For those of us that are monitoring this thread that have a little difficulty reading (@sfdragonboy I’m gonna force you to go back to school out of shame okay? And I’ll go with you just to brush up. J/K), the sign basically says that “the rice noodle crepes are all freshly made by hand to order, and so it will take a little time — thank you for your patience.”

Ummmmmm…except I’m not used to reading a sign printed on a restaurant wall with all these emojis on it as if I am reading a text message.

A few years ago I got my first email-reply at work in the form of a meme. Now I am reading signs on restaurants which are chock-full-of-emojis.

This has all taken me by surprise.

This must mean I am getting old. :slight_smile:


I hate emojis. I have no idea what they mean, I can barely see the difference. It is like the tech world is creating its own weird language.


Elt1, I’m going to drive you crazy. :slight_smile:

1n my d4y, 7h3 73ch w0rld cr3473d 175 0wn l4n6u463 3xc3p7 17 w45 c4ll3d l337 4nd n07 3m0j15. 4pp4r3n7ly, wh47 7h3 w0rld n33d3d w45 4n 0v3rd053 0f cu73n355.


Didn’t get a chance to try the pigeons. I asked once or twice and they didn’t have. :cry:

About the clay pot rice, @harriet, is the wait long? I almost never order them because of the wait time. But then I love baked pork chop and don’t mind the wait so I am terribly conflicted. :thinking:


About 20-30 min wait. How long is the wait for your baked pork chop?


At cafe orchid it’s less than 15min. 30min is too loooooooooooooong. :sweat: