You Want Excellent Chinese Food, Manch?


I went on first week of opening hing lung, feeling food was so so
then went again couple weeks ago, big improvement. actually not bad. i guess it’s the opening rush things were not ready. Now is okay. Thanks to all these restaurant/cafe getting out of business in SF and moving to San Bruno/Millbrae area, i’m loving it…


The hing lun shop is way too small. Two times I’ve been there I didn’t sit very comfortably. Thinking there’s likely long lines makes me don’t want to go.


yeah, i think they need to exapnd, maybe take over the sears building =)


manch, I just realize hing lung is so cheap… The owner took over ichi ramen and they didn’t even change the english name, check out the sign and their menu. still got the ichi ramen… man… chinese people so cheapp


I know. That’s for the better. People who don’t read Chinese will never find the shop. :smile:


Your favorite restaurant is having an IPO:


only the milk tea is my favorite, their food is alrite, but can’t say favorite.


Went to Serramonte today and saw that Meet Fresh is opening there soon :heart_eyes: but that means even less parking…:pensive:


Meet Fresh is meh. :-1:


Meet Fresh is for taiwanese folks… 杏記 and 滿記 more for HKers :+1:


I’m not Taiwanese and I prefer Meet Fresh. Never been to 滿記 here but I can probably make 杏記’s dessert at home :expressionless:


:point_up: dream gf/wife material.


your dream gf material but who wife material? can’t be wuqijun, may be can. who else? that person is not here, your nephew?


Who cares? Dude’s just trying to be nice. Leave him alone :unamused:



Chiu Ping Tam, an immigrant from Hong Kong who spent six years working at Kome and had his tips taken from him; Yuan Ming Gong, who emigrated from Kaiping, China, and said he was terminated after taking an employer-approved vacation for his daughter’s wedding; and Chris Liu, who worked at Kome for eight years, first as a busboy and now as a server, and said he was paid below minimum wage and was not compensated for overtime.

No way they’d be okay with this for so many years. The only explanation is cash payout.



Instead of a fancy dinner out to celebrate our anniversary, we stayed in for comfort food, like live spot prawns. Mmm, mmm, good!!! 3 lbs doesn’t go too far…


3 lbs would go further if you slice them in half and steam with minced garlic…yum! :relaxed: The ones with eggs are da bomb…


I purposely asked the guy for ones with eggs since wifey likes it but he said they are not available or in season now (he likes them too). I bought from Irving Street not Chinatown this time. Dang, some older chinese guy in front of me bought several live crabs at 11.99/lb, a huge geo duck and also I believe 3 lbs of shrimp. I think his total came to about 300 bucks. Chinese know how to eat…


Definitely not cheap. Usually I only get 1.5 lb at most…can’t keep eating money like this :disappointed: