You Want Excellent Chinese Food, Manch?


Are those spot prawns, which are often like 19.99+ per pound, or are those the “small sweet shrimp” which can be found for 7.99 per pound?


Definitely spot prawns. Shell says it all.


What? These are spot prawns which are NEVER that cheap as 19.99. More like 28.99 and above…


Exactly! @aalj let me know where they sell them at 19.99 now…


Were these prawns fresh and swimming?


Of course @manch …where have you been…


I am not that into seafood. So where’s da best shop to buy swimming prawns? Any shop on Stockton?


Mostly centralized on the block of Stockton and Pacific, southwest corner I believe. Yes, swimming prawns. I actually had some luck this time buying from a place on Irving. Seafood galore. Geoduck, live fish, crab…


This is an HK-identity violation. Priveleges are now revoked, :wink: :wink:


Yeah. I normally buy from sunset super on vicente or Irving, and then kick myself when I find seafood cheaper on Stockton,


It might have been 22.99. I know I have seen 28.99 at R99, sunset super, and seafood centre and Sun May Wah on Clement, and then subsequently kicked myself when I saw it cheaper on Stockton.


For that price you can get lobster, crab, filet mignon…


Indeed, but those are not as sweet and succulent and as satisfying as live spot prawns, unless you are talking about live australian lobster, but that is usd 48 / lbs.


Live Maine lobster is the best, often seen for $9.99…Crab $3.99 -$8.99…Prawns 5.99 and up

For me nothing beats live Dungeness crab fresh caught off the SF coast…steamed and eaten warm…

If you want good fresh fish catch your own…Salmon are biting


IIRC I bought some at 24.99 a few weeks ago…I hate buying them in Chinatown though because by the time I get home some are dead.

Btw why do we sound like a bunch of C9s?? :expressionless:


Call me crazy but I prefer spot prawns over lobster…


I prefer crab. Then steak and lobster but only Maine live lobster. Lobster from warm water is no bueno


I like this crab:

That’s right, they don’t sell this kind here :disappointed:


Those little crabs are too much work. I like the biggest Dungeness I can find 2lbs min.

I use special heat rated rubber gloves to remove from the pot. I clean them while hot and serve immediately

Steamed is best . Boiled is easier


These crabs look poisonous. :skull_and_crossbones: