You Want Excellent Chinese Food, Manch?


Canada has the best Chinese food in North America, period. That couple probably likes American Chinese food.


Wow, you just insulted at least 5k people (and counting) about their taste buds. And who are you to be the Queen of tasting chinese food? I don’t recall the election and maybe it too was rigged or hacked by your supporters…

And again, THE OWNER IS ASIAN. OMG…(let it go…)


I don’t force my agenda on other people, but the fact of the matter is I trust my own taste buds more. You should not be influenced by other people if you really believe in yourself. Life lesson 101.


May I ask how much that lump of rice cost? :fearful:


No one is forcing any agenda on anyone. You need to lay off the MSG. All I simply ever said is that an indication of how good San Tung is, is reflected in how many positive reviews it has gotten in Yelp. 5K reviews and solid four stars. Where am I forcing chicken wings down anyone’s throat? Shoot, they stand on their own…

You and The Great One (might need to take that title back) seem to keep mentioning that in some way I am influencing people or a person is not entitled to their own view. Of course you are. Did I put a gun to these people’s heads and go “you better write something great about San Tung or you won’t see tomorrow”? People are writing voluntarily mostly positive stuff about San Tung because…(drum roll, please) THEY LIKE IT!!! Woohoo!!! (fireworks going off in the back…)


If Yelp works for you guys, more power to you. It never works for me on Chinese food. Anyhow, moving on…

I also tried Fat Wong down in San Bruno for lunch last weekend, acting on a Chinese tip from WeChat.

We ate won ton noodles, congee, beef offal, and rice rolls around fried dough. Everything was OK to good except the won tons. They are the size of golf balls (way too big) with some yucky meat paste inside. Avoid them even if they gave you for free. It’s a small shop and as far as I can tell every table was Chinese. And a fair amount of people kept streaming in and waiting for tables, and we went there already pretty late.

My quest for East Lake replacement continues…



It’s you. Fat Wong has a higher rating (Yelp again) than your hole in the wall place and has more reviews…

Stick to Denny’s…:slight_smile:


Fat Wong has sanitary issues; everything from the table to chair to dishes were so greasy.


@sfdragonboy I think you have found your true calling. Quit tomorrow and get a job at Yelp instead…

I think for Chinese restaurants, something around 3 stars is the sweet spot for me. Too many stars and the food is some watered down American Chinese fried chicken wings. Too few stars and I may get food poisoning. Around 3 is just right.


We survived Fat Wong. :smile: Yeah, it’s not the cleanest.


Can’t remember exactly, but somewhere around $6-7. Considering that you get an abalone (however small it is), it’s not outrageous.


If that’s $7 it’s a steal!


Fat Wong tastes good. Can someone ask them to make the table cleaner?


Then you would hate even the 1-star Michellin :smiley: hawker food in Singapore.


Good to know. Lei Garden got 3.5 stars.


I had hawker food at Newton before; the one you mentioned is probably at Maxwell. Didn’t have a chance to try the food there last time I was in Singapore :pensive:


That’s my new theory. Check it against the authentic Chinese restaurants you know. 3.5 stars sounds perfect. Not too high and not too low. I will put Lei Garden on my to-try list.

The thing is when I was in San Jose I never had any reasons to try other restaurants. East Lake took good care of us. Now that I am in a cold new world we are on our own… :sob:


Funny thing is that I never heard of people getting food poisoning from street hawker stalls or food trucks. It’s always those fancy looking restaurants in hotels or cruise ships that got people sick.


Boy, backpedaling to accepting 3 star restaurants now???

One thing you need to remember when you are in quicksand: when you move more you sink even more and faster…


@sfdragonboy you tried Fat Wong and Dragon Beaux?