You Want Excellent Chinese Food, Manch?


If your taste is like that of a median Yelper that’s fine. But apparently I am not. And neither is my wife. Yelp has proven to be pretty useless for us when it comes to Chinese food.


I never ordered standard dim sum like chicken feet or beef tripe there; always go for the unique dishes they have. I recommend the purple yam pineapple buns too.


Sir you are too obsessed with your Yelp reviews. Like I said you can’t trust Yelp reviews for a Chinese place.


Taste is subjective, so everybody is going to have their own. I’m not a foodie at all so I what do I know, but I might use yelp just to see if a place is popular, overrated/not worth the money or to check out the service comments (as I would if looking for other services).


That’s fine, but you would have a hard time convincing people that your restaurant is so good when it can’t even muster 4 measily stars on Yelp. That, is my point.


Higher standards? I remember seeing somewhere that Chinese don’t like to inflate ratings :wink:


Please, I like how people here like to pick and choose their stats. I guess if the numbers favor your side then oh it is surely correct. Nonsense. At least be objective about it, about all reviews.


Can we have a post with only restaurant recommendations? Please give the restaurant name, city or address, your rating and your favorite dishes?

For example, I just looked up and east lake is in east San Jose. This way we can just use that post to find a restaurant next time to try

East lake Chinese restaurant, east San Jose. 5/5, manch’s favoriate: x and y


We don’t need that. Despite the fact that Yelp may be a client of mine, the Yelp site generally works. That’s why they are doing well and growing. As far as we know, hordes of people are not sitting in front of their computers and somehow hacking into Yelp and posting dubious postings to benefit one company or restaurant over another. That is just nonsense. Is there a margin of error? Of course. Is there some fraud. Absolutely. But don’t tell me that a few thousand independent reviews from people are somehow not accurate or representative of the truth. Please. Who are you to say otherwise? East Lake has been around since the mid 90s and while Yelp came around obviously after that in the 2000s, it somehow only garnered a measly 400+ reviews (and not all are necessarily positive). San Tung, on the other hand, has what now 5,300 reviews with a solid 4 stars. What more do you need to know? In this area where people love to eat, I find it really, really hard to believe that people wouldn’t find their way to San Ho if East Lake were actually that good.


Who have been to San Tung and east lake? We need a judge to settle this dispute :grinning:

Let me try out San Tung and East Lake, and decide whether my taste is closer to Dragonboy or Manch.

Maybe people who was born in SF will like San Tung and who lived in SJ will like East lake? It feels like a political debate, one supports HRC and the other supports DJT. Haha



You’re not getting it. You could love it or not. In fact, a lot of people from outside SF are coming in to go to San Tung. Many So Cal people. I am not seeing that kind of review from East Lake. All I am saying is that a good cross section of people have weighed in and that should suffice. If we are not going to accept results from a large sampling as probably the truth, then what do we have?

Sure, it has to do with price point, but just to give an idea of what supposedly not only good but great restaurants are at on Yelp, here is a sampling. The French Laundry in Napa, considered to be one of the finest restaurants in the US or anywhere practically only has 2k reviews. Gary Danko, in SF, which was also highly regarded too incredibly weighs in at 4.6k reviews (and it is quite expensive). Both of those, 4.5 stars. On any scale, for a small chinese restaurant to garner more people to weigh in and mostly positively, says enough.


@sfdragonboy, in your world everyone is the same and if a majority say something is good, everyone must like that thing or else something is wrong with that person. There is no individuality and no cultural difference. Survey says Coke is better than Pepsi? Then of course Coke is better than Pepsi, for everyone.


I tried both San Tung and East Lake. Seems I am the only one open minded enough to at least give it a fair shot. It’s “American Chinese” at best. If you were brought up here you may do OK in San Tung. Sorry, that ain’t me sir. It tastes nothing remotely Chinese for me.

Yelp is of no use to me. I’d rather enlist @harriet’s help.


Darn! They brought those buns to our table twice and we refused twice! OK. I will go back and try those.

What else are good at Dragon? Is that decor cheesy or chic for the younger crowd? Never seen anything like that for a Chinese restaurant…


From one of the reviews:

Joking aside, I once ran into a couple from Canada while we were waiting outside who said they literally flew down for the wings.

Bet no one from even Antioch goes to East Lake…


God has mercy for them. Hook them up with @myo I am sure he can introduce them to some fine Chinese restaurants in Vancouver.


Psst, uh, Coke is actually better than Pepsi…

Please, let’s not try to water it down now and try to even use the race card. No one ever said an individual was not entitled to his/her opinion. What you can not dance around though is +5k reviews that ultimately score a solid 4 stars. Coincidence? I know, RUSSIA DID IT!!! That damn Putin!!! Gotta F with the election and San Tung’s Yelp rating… what has this world come to?

Uh, if you ever go back to San Tung with your Groucho glasses disguise, look behind the counter. That lady, yeah that ASIAN lady, she is the owner…her sons are not there all the time but yeah they work the floor too. It may be slightly different, but it is a form of Chinese food as any. Rice? Check. Hand pulled/black bean noodles? Check. String Beans? Check. Shrimp and leek dumplings? Check. Hot and sour soup? Check.

Grasp for straws much, sir?


I trust my own taste buds more than that of a Yelp reviewer. If you believe in their reviews more than yourself, then that is just sad.


Of course you are going to try something for yourself to see if YOU like it or not. But do you honestly believe that people will go out of their way and post a long winded review about a restaurant if they didn’t actually like it??? Please. Next…


Their selling point is Asian fusion; I like the fact that they serve non-traditional dim sum, which is nice for a change. I used to like their sticky rice wrapped in lotus leaf because it had a decent sized abalone in there, but recently the abalone has shrunk in size…:frowning:


I never said they didn’t like the restaurant; I just don’t believe in their taste buds (i.e. they probably think average American Chinese food tastes like heaven).