You Want Excellent Chinese Food, Manch?


Interesting, so what did the owner say? Mea culpa, and that’s it? Well, again, if enough posters posted negatively eventually it should catch up to a specific business. When you say it does not count, how do you know it didn’t? I mean, obviously one negative posting vs 5K positive will not show up. How many posts did this restaurant have before your negative one? I realize you wouldn’t want to reveal yourself otherwise I would look this place up as if I were interested in it to see what happens for me.


Look, stop defending Yelp. It’s a losing battle. I know my review doesn’t count because it says so on their page:

Thought the company was your client. I guess you didn’t know their product very well.


Jesus Christ the more I look into this the more untrustworthy Yelp becomes. For instance, here are some of the reviews that got pulled by that recommendation software at the “world famous” wings joint, and get this, most of them are subpar reviews - this whole thing is rigged:


It’s a fraud. Businesses pay to rig their reviews. Didn’t Yelp get exposed to have sales rep call businesses to “fix” their review problems?


This new ramen shop is blowing up in my FB group. Another one Ramen Nagi people talked about wait time every other day.


Saw good things about this Cupertino udon shop in my FB group. Pictures look 10x better than that shitty udon shop at Stonestown.


One thing I can’t stand more than a whining baby, is a whining adult. Ok, fine, remove the app from your cellphone then. All you people who hate it or think it is a fraud just wipe it away. Gone. Same with Craigslist, which is also always under fire and gets press when of course something goes wrong but do we realize how many zillions of transactions go fine on Craigslist each and every day? However, the sad, sad reality is that both you and Fearless Leader WILL NOT remove Yelp from your cellphones nor stop using Craigslist. As George used to say, I Guarantee it!!!


Uh…I don’t have the app on my phone.

Then why are you on the Apple thread?


Uh, first of all, I created the thread. Secondly, I am not realistic to think that everything is perfect or bad. I have only an Apple 6+ in 2019. No Mac computers ever. Don’t worry, Apple doesn’t make much money from DB…

Regarding the first part, great, then I shouldn’t ever see you, a grown adult, crying about an app that everyone else for the most part has no real issue over. They understand the potential fraud of it. They get it, but they use it too quite frankly.


Even your first sentence was predictable. Nobody’s crying. You need to learn to accept negative feedback on your favorites. You get special privilege to trash Apple just because you created the thread? So should I create a thread about Yelp so I can trash it freely then? Please don’t make me laugh.

Honestly I don’t think the users know about the recommendation software. Did you know about it before I pointed it out? Obviously not. I wouldn’t have known my one and only review didn’t count in the ratings if I hadn’t gone back and check the post a few weeks later. Yelp was sneaky about it.


Sorry, I think you are crying. Crying about an app that 99.999% of the people find useful to some degree. I don’t see anyone other than you and Fearless Leader bitching and moaning about Yelp all the time, yet, maybe not you but FL does appear to use it, and use it frequently. Everyone gets it. Don’t use it, if you feel Yelp is somehow sneaky. Boy, you want every corporation in the world to disclose their secret sauce. Wow, what size Mao jacket would you like? OMG, speaking of sneaky, don’t you think Apple has been way more sneaky with their business dealings? Please, Apple could be the poster child for that…


If that’s crying to you then you must be wailing. Who gets all worked up every time his favorites get dinged? I’ll do you a favor: next time you defend Yelp, please don’t ask people to improve it by submitting a review, because it doesn’t get counted. Think of something better if you want to sound convincing without going in circles.


I actually thought about your case while at the gym today. This is your first ever post correct? Well, I can see how Yelp’s policy if you will doesn’t want to give a first post like yours full credibility. Hear me out… Imagine a new restaurant opening up and so the next door competitor decides to post something negative to kill the competition. That owner is also someone new to Yelp. Well,perhaps (you are correct, I don’t know their secret sauce) Yelp “discounts” posts like that when there is some question to the validity of the post. The fact is, you do not post regularly. This is your first ever post and while it was legit, it accuses the restaurant of something illegal, not merely having bad food. I think if more and more people posted negatively that then Yelp’s methodology kicks in more and then validates or gives posts like yours more credibility. No question I like to see the glass half full when it comes to Yelp than rather half empty.

I don’t honestly post that much on Yelp. You may be shocked, but I didn’t post for San Tung for example. Why post the same crap as everyone else? Yes, I post generally when it is positive since I really do want to help a young business get going. All of my reviews I have gotten a lot of useful votes so I must be doing something ok.


I found this information on Yelp’s Filter, which may help (or not)…


Do you really think Marugame is THAT bad? A cesspool of culinary misery? I don’t think its that bad. I like the texture of the udon at Marugame actually. For quite some time I have been a hater of udon because I always thought of it as mushy limpy fat noodles … and Marugame was a revelation for me — that udon could be chewy and q.

Granted, the smorgasbord of tempura is not too good, and the lines are irritating — but certainly Marugame I have felt is a step above the “usual generic Japanese restaurant udon” — specifically noodle texture. But maybe this just highlights my inexperience with udon.


Sorry, Fearless Leader doesn’t like hard evidence (long lines queuing outside) when it goes against his own tastes. I have not tried it, but my wife has, and she thought it was ok. The lines persist, so who are we to judge I say. Let the consumer decide!!!


Ok gotcha. :grinning:. That said, your dry fried chicken wing place - Santung on Irving - is still crap. Dirty, terrible batch based order fulfilling mechanism, and zero “deft touch” in their cooking. The only the good about Santung is in fact the wings — everything else there is crap and I wouldn’t wait in line there. :grin::grin::grin:


The only thing good about the udon is their texture. You are right that they are chewy. But the broth is bland and the tempura are room temperature and batter already sort of soggy. They gave you tiny portions of meat and taste is pretty meh.

All I have been saying about Yelp is that, it’s an unreliable way for me to find good restaurants. Why should my taste be the same as everybody’s? Just that a place has 4 or 5 stars means nothing to me. But dragon keeps saying it’s my problem not to like what everybody else likes. That’s complete nonsense.


Again, each his own. The owner is making a ton of money on supposedly crap while somewhere else in the Fab 7x7 plenty of fine dining places are closing down due to competition or they simply can’t survive. How does a small chinesey restaurant like this survive if not thrive in the Fab 7x7???


Yeah. The owner is a shrewd businessperson. I give her/him strong props for that. They are marketing to the right audience and milking it.

I do enjoy Santung’s wings… but everything else is ultra-meh.