You Want Excellent Chinese Food, Manch?


The Kitchen is overrated. Years ago saw Yan Can’t Cook there.


I’m in Guangzhou. I had some tasty coconut chicken hot pot the other night. It was delicious and light.

Other Food recommendations?


I ate at Bingsheng when I visited GZ two years ago. It’s pretty good.炳勝-guangzhou-best-bbq-pork-youll-ever-have/amp/


Hey is this site blocked in China?


My co-worker who flew back there last week said these places are pretty good:

For seafood:


For dim sum, roast pig and smoke pigeon:


I guess this one is a famous place. Known for Shunde cuisine for seafood, chinese donut, etc… huge place and crowded…



The site is working fine in China. No problem.


Well played.


We now know the fate of Mango Garden…


No more buffet for you!!!


Just tried this udon place in Stonestown. Total bullshit. @harriet is right. Sad thing is there are still tons of lemmings lining up outside.

Proof again Yelp is total bullshit.



I warned you. If you don’t go to hell who will :woman_facepalming:


Early dinner tonight and there were no lines. It’s now banned for life.


That udon is the weakest sauce of ramen. So, so bad. :-1:


What do you recommend for udon?


I don’t know. Not a fan of udon to begin with.

It’s now 7pm on a Friday night and that place now has 60 people lining outside. :scream:


$1 for 3 packs at your local grocery store and throw them in your homemade hot pot. Todai used to have decent udon. Did they go bankrupt? Todai > Kome.

I’d rather go to Panda than that udon place. At least the orange chicken tastes nice and crispy when it’s freshly made.


Yeah the best way to eat udon is with Chinese hot pot. :+1:


Well, did you do your part and post negatively so that your post would count??? Guess not. Another grumpy person who doesn’t understand that Yelp is a live, rolling rating system. Yes, just bitch, bitch and bitch and do nothing to make it better. One would think people would get it after this presidential election. Go vote in Yelp!!!


Yelp is trash, and don’t you bother posting a review. Why? Recently I ate at a restaurant and gave a standard 15% tip for lunch. Some crooked waiter forged the tip amount to fatten their pay and the total ended up being a lot more on my credit card statement, so I finally created an account to deter the Yelp cult from dining there. Well guess what? A few weeks later I went back to check my post the owner responded to me and apparently Yelp did not count my one star review in the overall business rating based on their “recommendation software” - what a load of BS.


Do you guys use TripAdvisor? How do you find good places to eat?