You Want Excellent Chinese Food, Manch?


Yeah, that area is shaaaaaaaaaaaaaaddddddyyyyyyyy. Lots’o open dealing.


Wow, what happened to authenticity in cuisine providing? Enough of Chinese owned/operated Japanese and now Vietnamese restaurants!!!


Lots of ethnic-Chinese Viet people out there…


I know, my wife is Chinese Malaysian remember? But still, it does irk me when I go into a sushi place and then the workers are chatting in cantonese back there. Come on, you think I don’t know???


So you cannot stand Taraval Okazu Ya?


Guilty…it started for me way back when when the guys went to Cancun, we take a taxi downtown, we see a chinese restaurant and of course hoping for an old, chinese owner with a hot daughter there waiting for some native SFers to rescue her (from Cancun?) no, we got chop suey and it wasn’t good…


this one is my favorite as well


Instantly trust your tastes now… :slight_smile:


Careful…Fearless Leader is on a first name basis at every Denny’s…


I was replying to dioworld, not fearless leader. :thinking:


Oh, oops…never mind


It took me a while to wrap my head around your short story … but I’m still perplexed by it. I am not sure what to make of:

a) The connection between Taraval Okazu Ya and Cancun?
b) Why a “hot daughter” in Cancun would need saving??
c) From a bunch of SF natives at that…
d) Why being an SF native is a “good thing” rather than being a pox on society in the name of self-smugness
e) How you were unable to get yourself served anything other than chop suey …???

(Kidding!) :rofl::joy::grin::man_facepalming:


The replacement to Crystal Jade. Went there for lunch today. Kind of expensive. One thing nice is that if you dine here on Sundays you can get 4 hours of validated parking in Embarcadero for 2 bucks (although, street parking on most streets around here are free on Sundays).


Went to Koi Palace around noon and there was no wait. Winter is coming :scream_cat:




What kind of Koi do they serve there?:grin:


dude, I’m not sure what you eating, I went in tonight and the hainan chicken is one of the worse i’ve ever ate, even worse than the chicken meet rice crap in south bay. the hainan chicken rice is okay though, but the chicken you can tell is not fresh at all and i’m like eating a piece of meat but donno wtf it is. The nann i order disaapoints too , i like outside crisp and inside soft with little tender and chewy, but it disappoints me, i think banana island is a better choice, and the thai ice tea , the tea not concentrate and milky enough…


Banana island definitely has better naan. I ate at Ipoh only once but I forgot what things tasted like. Only remember it was pretty meh and don’t have any motivation to go back.


So, I am to blame for every bad dish out there in the world on any given day? Did I say EVER that I personally had the Hainan Chicken at Ipoh Garden? No, I said the reviews of folks were positive.

For once, I am really, really questioning whether this world of Manch’s is for me. I come on here, trying to be helpful and what do I get for it, complaints. Maybe I do go away and hang out in another world…


come on, get used to it. we’re a blaming country. have to find someone to blame somehow =)