You Want Excellent Chinese Food, Manch?


I know right? C’mon @sfdragonboy. If you leave, I will naturally blame @dioworld for everything. :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


yup, blaming is fundamental … :grinning:


:joy::rofl: Also guilt. If you leave, @sfdragonboy, I would have to work so hard to try and passive aggressively maximize feelings of guilt on everyone here, especially @dioworld, to have caused you to leave. Do you really want to perpetuate that cycle? :joy:


Just rent him a Acura NSX for a day and @sfdragonboy will be all good!!!


I’ll repaint his CRX.


Giant rats running amok in Ding Tai Fong Australia.


Field mice and rats were delicious when my family and I were farmers in China.


French eat rats too. Nothing wrong with that. :yum:


Dim Sum King is your friend.


I don’t mind eating rats. I very much mind rats eating my food.


Just went to Hee Kee, overall not bad. worth a try


That’s what my FB group says!!!

I am in that weird named Cafe Restaurant on Noriega. Will let you guys know how it went.


Ok, cafe restaurant is so-so. Not crappy but not great either. Portion is huge though. Overall cafe orchid is still better.


where is it?


He’s talking about 咖啡小館 on Noriega. It’s been around for decades. Flavor is bland but their food feels cleaner than most HK style cafes.


Yeah flavor is so-so. If you are hungry go there. Their portion is the biggest I have seen among HK cafes.


I don’t like their baked pork chop over rice. The pork chop is too big - turns off my appetite. Salt baked chicken legs are okay though. That place is a gold mine by taking cash only - one of the owners even got stabbed once.


I just had their baked pork chop. Yeah they are HUGE. I can’t finish the spaghetti.

What about their chicken wings? This guy on yelp said they are bette than San tung. Low bar, I know.


That guy’s review is gonna get sacked because he only wrote one. Oh wait, he gave 4 stars. Never mind.


What Facebook group? Invite only?