You Want Excellent Chinese Food, Manch?


Layang Layang not bad. Wifey and her malaysian friends say no to Banana Leaf for some reason (I had a poker guy’s dinner there recently, it was ok). Mango Garden CLOSED DOWN due to some unusual labor conditions or dispute. Told my wife, there is a dearth of good, authentic Malaysian restaurants in the area. She would make a killing from her cooking. Doesn’t want to give up her 6 figure salary to become a restaurant queen… (SMH, come on, it could be really big!!!)


I had hainan chicken rice at Penang garden in Chinatown. Pretty meh. So maybe @hanera is right. They all suck. :cry:


I went to Layang Layang in Milpitas… That was what prompted my question. I had their Hainan chicken. It was pretty bad. The chicken had zero flavor and was sitting in a pool of soy sauce… I don’t remember anything about the rice now. All I remember was being not impressed with the dish.

The other dishes I had were mostly good. The sarang seafood dish was just okay… The fried taro nest thing soaked up all the oil.


Here you go, @caiguycaiguy… I thought you would enjoy this even though you may not be able to find it locally to your high standards. Recipe is there for you to make it yourself, too!!!


Dang! Looks delicious!

Thanks but no thanks! I just finished my lunch…


Sorry but doesn’t look very appetizing in the picture…


Went to one of the their places in Tokyo and were very disappointed. The dumplings were lukewarm and their noodles dishes meh. We could see people making the dumplings so not sure why so lukewarm.


Hey @caiguycaiguy! You know what? I typed “Bay Area Hainan Chicken Rice” in Chinese (this is the most important step!) in Facebook search and out came this suggestion:

SAN JOSE!! And best of all, it’s a vietnamese restaurant, with a chicken logo on roof top:

Yeah, they say “Hainanese Chicken Rice” right under their name. Why don’t @caiguycaiguy and @hanera go try it out and report back?


Thank you sir! I will try and report back. SJ is not that close to me but I will make the trek maybe this weekend.


Rice, shrimp, corn and peas. Easy peachy. A 2 pound pot didn’t last 2 hours, gone!


That place I think is located in the area that is called Japantown?


Ok, enough is enough…@manch, @harriet, @caiguycaiguy + others interested in playing with some money…let’s go in together and create the ultimate Chinese restaurant destination in the Fab 7x7. Yes, the address number probably dooms us but hey what the heck??? :grin:


How’s that Sichuan restaurant?


I’ve never been there…that Sichuan style scares me for some reason.

If you want to be consistent with your 3.5 stars from Yelp, this place got that.


Now you are talking! OK, I will bookmark it to try.


I tried this place before when they had a location near Park Presidio. Food was okay; didn’t really have the wow factor.



Not Chinese food, but we just got back from dining in Oaktown on Telegraph. Gogi Time is the bomb!!! Korean All You Can Eat BBQ for 27 bucks. Place was packed. Wait was 1.5 hours at least. But dang, talk about meat overload. I don’t want to see another BBQ short rib for awhile. Kind of a UC Berkeley/hipster young Asian crowd (so, we felt overaged) but we didn’t care, as long as the food kept rollin’ out and boy did they. Finally had to wave the white flag and beg for the check…


I am moderating my meat consumption bigly. I don’t think I can handle all that meat…

Do you have to throw your clothes in the trash can afterwards?


Pretty much…this is one time I ain’t complaining about my wife’s 20-25 minute showers…


Not over Chinese (Vietnamese or she she Vietnamese probably) but who wouldn’t have wanted to be a piece of bread on that table (to hear what was discussed)…

Hmmm, solid 4 Yelp stars with over 1k postings @manch