You Want Excellent Chinese Food, Manch?


lol :joy:


Tamarine is where you go to see stars of the valley. The following interview of Andreesen took place in the restaurant.


I heard Zuckerberg goes to Sushi Sam’s in San Mateo quite often in the past.


Sushi Sam’s is another restaurant example where expansion hurt it. It used to be quite good when it was the original half size. We don’t go there anymore. The only reason why we venture to San Mateo is Ramen Dojo. Awesome ramen!!!


Come on Eddie, didn’t you know about our fabulous chicken wings here??? You could have come to the Niners and be stuffing your face full of juicy dry fryed wings all day…


Hainan Chicken Rice guide in LA. Written in Chinese.

SoCal Chinese food >> NorCal unfortunately… :cry:



My latest intelligence says the BEST Taiwanese beef noodles in the entire Bay Area is… drum roll

in San Jose!!

Close to the Ranch 99 on Lundy.


One minute, you say Nay on Yelp for food, now you say Yay…


It has nothing to do with Yelp. Got the scoop from a friend’s FB post.

Posted Yelp link for menu and address. Yelp sucks for reviews.


Well, you didn’t say that originally and only posted a Yelp review. I, for one, am consistent and do believe in the Law of Large Numbers so despite a meager 200 reviews (but to its credit earning a solid 4 stars) it is probably pretty good at the minimum. Nothing more, nothing less…


Another tipster alerted me to this Szechuan restaurant in Dublin

Seems they have some crazy Szechuan-Shanghai fusion going on there. I already bookmarked it to try. I think Dublin is shaping up to be the East Bay center of Chinese food.


I thought that was Fremont or is that just Asian food in general?


I haven’t seen any new high-profile Chinese restaurants opening in Fremont. Fremont is a bit too close to the South Bay. Restaurants located in San Jose can draw customers from South Bay and Fremont, but restaurants in Fremont will only serve folks in Fremont.



This past weekend, I tried Ipoh Garden in Millbrae with my poker group. My wifey had already told me that she and her friend thought the Malaysian fare there was pretty good (and it was). It is pretty much catty corner from HK Flower lounge. We didn’t have it but when I went back and looked at some of the Yelp reviews, some folks mentioned that the Hainan Chicken was pretty good. Another spot for you to try if not already…



No, we don’t need more hot pot places (at least around here)…

Nor more Japanese restaurants owned and operated by Chinese people!!! (Yes, I am aware this refers to Alabama, but it applies to this area!)


I hope HaiDiLao expands more. It’s good to have competition. Everyone have to step up their game.

The 2nd link was a cute local story I guess.


Yeah, but I see to much of this in the Fab 7x7 where I want authentic Japanese fare. I suppose usually the sushi chef is typically Japanese but then the help or owners may be Chinese (after hearing how they are speaking amoungst themselves). I get it, Japanese food has more profit margin than Chinese food but that doesn’t mean I necessarily want a Chinese variation of what a Japanese cuisine is either.


Haidilao is a very customer-oriented chain (both service and the food were much better than Little Sheep). I tried this in mainland China before and they literally brought out board games/drinks/snacks for you to enjoy while waiting for a table. Who does that?


like the place a lot. they are not as good as the past, but still a regular visit for me. their won tons are the best