AAPL and Apple

Doesn’t matter. Shouldn’t use last year’s chip. Period.

Left brain :-1: right brain :+1:

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Debate amongst knowledgeable people :+1:

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Apple is unlikely to be involved in the A.I. search engine wars directly, as the company receives billions of dollars annually from Google to keep it as the default search engine on the iPhone, but could still be poised to benefit regardless of who wins between Google and Microsoft. Both companies could engage in a bidding war for their search engines to be placed on Apple devices if their A.I.-enhanced technology performs comparably.

Apple won’t do generic search. Apple focuses on specialized search e.g. spotlight.

Apple that’s just quietly sitting there right now,” Ives said, adding that he expects Apple to make some “significant A.I. announcements” as early as this summer.

Every software apps would have AI. No need for Apple to join in the generic search space.

In other words, while Microsoft and Google are busy inventing the future and pushing the frontier, Apple is just happy collecting the rent and milking existing customers.

The consumer tech company isn’t the typical tech player. While its iPhones and iPads are popular, the hardware part of the business is vulnerable to supply chain disruptions. But amid the fluctuations, its bright spot is its burgeoning services revenue. Subscriptions and services give the powerful brand competitive edges beyond tech, making Buffett’s position more aligned with his core investment philosophy after all.

Does supply chain disruptions affect LT fundamentals?
What are LT fundamentals? Demand :slight_smile: Competition :slight_smile: Cost control :slight_smile: Government regulations and politics.

Warren Buffett’s “buy and hold” rule doesn’t seem to apply to tech stocks unless it’s Apple

The Department of Justice has accelerated its antitrust investigation into Apple, The Wall Street Journal reported Wednesday. The company’s policies for third-party apps on its devices and whether it unfairly favors its own products on its mobile operating system are two areas of focus, according to the Journal.

One of Apple S-curve: Healthcare: Apple Watch: Glucose monitoring


That has huge potential. I don’t see the number of diabetics decreasing anytime soon.

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I need it :face_with_hand_over_mouth: Currently I have to prick my fingers often and adjust meals accordingly. The worst culprit is sugary drink and over eating.

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Expect golden cross in a few weeks.
If didn’t go above $157 by Friday, disappointed.

I voted no change, is just an additional function and won’t attract that many new buyers.

I would buy if it’s accurate. Till now didn’t find a reason to buy Apple Watch.

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Bears refuse to let that happen.

Good that a tweeter saw the same technical picture :grinning:

Thinking aloud: Sell growth stocks, buy FAANG.

Not a financial advice.